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Vista Ultimate: Retrospect Won't Start (Admin Privleges Needed)...


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EMC: I own several of your SimpleShare NAS w/ Retrospect. We changed our OS to Vista Ultimate. Problem: Regardless of user permissions, Retrospect Errors w/ "User must be an Administrator to Backup\", program won't start\ends. Microsoft says it's EMC problem. I did not see any Vista support on your website. This appears to be a simple solution. XP SP2 Pro no problems. Vista Ultimate has been released to the corporate sector. Is there a workable solution? Currently I am dead in the water...


Note: The Install runs fine. Starting the program NO. Can't even put in Serial Number.


I'm running under the local Admin account. If this is a question of admin privleges, I did everything...



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I appreciate the prompt response.


Currently we have about 500 XP systems with a rollout of Vista Ultimate at 10 per day.


The choices we were trying was the Retrospect product line or Arconis products. We'll see.


Q. If I just have the client installed on the workstations and use the serverside product to backup the systems, Yes \ No? Seems like that'll work in theory.

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NOTE: Vista Ultimate with Retrospect Client installed test status: Success.


I ran Retrospect Server w/ current updates to backup and successful restore of Vista Ultimate Retrospect Clients. Servers used: MS SBS 2003 STD, ENT, MS 2K Server STD, ENT. Current updates and SP's were installed on all servers and clients.


I used simple source files and simple backup destinations.


Also UIR was successful.


Conclusions: I believe this is still a viable platform until EMC comes online with a vesion that allows the client to initiate backups.


We will probably continue on the Retrospect platform.


I appreciated the responses and support. We did not test the Client side on versions of Vista below Ultimate although we will test Vista Enterprise on SAT. I do not anticipate testing below Vista Enterprise.


Forward as appropriate.


Happy Holiday's!



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