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bluetooth-license check failure when backing up system drive C:


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Hi all,


I encounter the following problem: Whenever I back up my C partition (usually every night) I get a "bluetooth-license check" failure message pop-up. I then have to re-install the correct bluetooth driver in the hardware panel for my bluetooth device.




Logitech bluetooth MX Keyboard + Bluetooth Mouse + Bluetooth USB Stick

Backup on two Western-Digital FireWire Drives of which one is also USB connected (for it is a multi card reader as well)

In addition: one SCSI CD-ROM, one SCSI CD Burner, one ATA DVD Burner


The funny thing is, that at a certain time when Retrospect starts backing up the C: partition, the failure pop-up shows. But this does not always happen at the same time. It happens while backing up but sometimes the pop-up appears even minutes later after Retrospect finishes. But it surely always happens.


Any suggestions rolleyes3grem1.gif

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The only Info message I get is "Bluetooth Hub already in HCI mode"


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Bluetooth Hub already in HCI mode


Logitech drivers are up-to-date. It all seems to have something to do, that Bluetooth adapter as well as my harddrive are connected to USB. And for sure it does not happen if Retrospect does not run.


Somehow a different driver get's installed/assigned to my bluetooth-bus-enumerator as can be seen on the hardware tab. Because after it fails I see two bluetooth icons on the hardware tab, one dark blue (Microsoft I presume) and one light blue (the Widcomm stuff). After reinstalling the driver for the darkish blue icon I end up with one light blue icon with two sub icons: one for bluetooth wireless hub and one for bluetooth-bus-enumerator. And everything is fine again until next evening when retrospect finishes work.


Sorry, but nothing more that I can say and thanks for your help.

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In Retrospect if you go to Configure > Devices > Environment do you see anything related to the Bluetooth device? If so, try ignoring it via a right click menu (relaunch for change to take effect). It's possible a drive/hardware scan is trying to access it depending on how the device presents itself to the system.

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I had the same problem with the bluetooth on a Lenovo X41T using Thinkvantage Bluetooth IV. I have since updated the bluetooth software to a different version and so far no more license-check failures. Running Retro Express 7.5. Like you, after running a backup, had to reinstall the bluetooth driver to recover functionality. Sometimes license check failed moments after backup, sometimes the next day.

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Another thing you might try - mind you this is just a shot in the dark - use ASPI rather than NT Passthrough.


You can install ASPI from the exe located in the Retrospect application folder (aspiinst.exe). This will require a reboot. Then, in Retrospect, go to Configure> Preferences> Media Handling and select the option to Use ASPI to communicate with devices. You need to relaunch Retrospect, but you should then see ASPI listed on the Environment tab rather than NT Passthrough.

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