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Transferring backup incl apps to a new computer with Vista


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For applications, there isn't. You need to reinstall the apps on Vista [or any new OS install]


For data, is there a File and Settings transfer wizard in Vista [like the one in XP]?


All that said, my experiece with Reto on Vista is mixed. So far, Retro can't see any of my optical drives - I'm getting an error that the drives aren't assigned a drive letter. [Of course, the drives work fine and are assigned a drive letter]

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Guess Retro hasn't caught up with Vista yet.



This can't be done XP to XP either. You would be trying to run applications on an operating system without the additional framework put in place during the installation process (registry keys, dll's, whatever else). Not to mention many applications need to be patched to work properly on Vista.

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