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  1. Trying to backup I get the above message and Retrospect aborts the back up. It refers me to a log file "assert_log.utx" but that doesn't give this neophyte much help. I have had several blue screen crashes (XP) when backing up before, and I wonder if this contributed to the problem? Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. I have the same problem using Retrospect 7.5 on an XP machine with a Vista client on my network. No replies yet to my help message of several weeks ago.
  3. I keep getting a message that "A problem has developed so a program can't display a message on your desktop. ....(Retrospect client is at the end of the program address). 'This happens because of a partial incompatibility with Windows Vista.....Please contact the program manager for more information." I open it and the message says that "this computer hasn't been backed up since...date". Nice idea. I close it after viewing the message and it comes back up and pulsates on my task bar saying it can't display the message. How can I shut it off?
  4. Retrospect started to back up my network and then stopped with this serious error message. Last backup attempt prior to this ended with an XP system crash. Don't know what this means. Don't know what to do to make a backup. Any ideas would be gratefully appreciated.
  5. Thanks. I checked the Retro backup directories and added up the #s and discovered that my grooming had deleted about 23gb. Then I did another XP Pro computer properties search which showed just 5.5 mb free. No Symantec any more. It made my system slow and blue screen crash about 100 times. I finally took it out and threw it away. No such messages....grooming had successful comments. I went down to the recycle bin where there was one shortcut I had deleted. I deleted that, went back and did another computer properties search, and, voila, it showed 23gb free space on the drive! Some glitch! Abakadabra
  6. Howdy Trevor; I have the same problem you have. I decided tp groom down from the last 10 to all but the last 3 backups but still have only 5mb of space left on a 250 gb drive and can't figure out how to free it up so I can continue to backup on this drive without having to essentially reformat it. I think the dialogue at the end of the grooming session said it removed about 23gb, but a directory of the hard drive says there is still only 5+mb free. I can find nothing in the manual or in the help pages to begin solve this problem. I even thought of defragging the backup drive, but there is not even enough space left to do that.??? ANY help will be appreciated by me as well. Thanks up front, Abakadabra
  7. I'm not sure this is necessary or if will fix the problem, but you might check to see that all the files you are trying to back up are shared.
  8. I have had to reinstall my Vista Business Operating System because I had removed parts of Media Player which I have since discovered are integral to Vista and it would no longer play video or allow installation of Adobe Flash Player. I assume this operating system problem was saved along with everything else on my Retrospect system backups in the windows folder. I do not have any backups of my system before that problem developed. Now I have reinstalled a clean Windows Vista Business operating system in the computer. I then did a full volume restore without unchecking the Windows folder in the backup (thinking that it contained all the registry settings, etc needed to run all my programs that were being restored to the hard drive, and the text says it will not overwrite the functioning operating system). Well most of the icons reappeared on the restored computer, and I was elated. Then I tried to enter some registration numbers for a Symantec product in a dialog box that was on the monitor waiting for an answer.... at which the computer beeped; so I shut it off and restarted (ho, ho, ho) and it would not restart in normal or in safe mode. So now I have formatted the drive again and reinstalled a fresh operating system and wonder how I can restore all my 39gb of backedup programs and data in the most efficient way. Can I do a full restore but first uncheck the Windows folder and expect all my programs to work? Or do I have to reload all of the programs and then selectively restore files and folders? Any help would be gratefully appreciated.
  9. I have had to do a destructive reinstall of the Vista Business operating system because my other one was corrupt. Prior to doing so I did a complete Retrospect backup of the C: drive. I do not want to overwrite the new operating system but I do want most of my documents and settings and programs restored. I have done the latter by reinstalling the programs, but now I do not know how much of what was backed up I can put back on without corrupting the operating system. I assume I cannot do a complete restoration but must select and use the files and folders option. But which files and folders? I also note that the new operating system does not have a folder called Documents and Settings whereas I believe it was there on the old one but does not show up in the backup. Talk about confused...I note in the backup a plethora .txt files but with no folder. Are these my documents? Should I simply check their boxes and restore them? Is there a tutorial I can go to to get help with this or will some soul out there be kind enough to help guide me through my novice ignorance?
  10. I have Retrospect Pro V 7.5.387 installed in an XP Pro computer and have two clients, one running Win 2000 Pro and the other Vista Business. In the past 21 1/2 hours I made my first complete fresh network backup onto a FreeAgent hard drive which has 320 gb of space. Some backup stats: The XP machine 21.4 gb took 3:21:50 - 222.3 mb/min The W2K machine 15.1 gb took 1:51:50 - 289.3 mb/min The VISTA Bus machine 28.8 gb took 15:24:43 62.8 gb as follows: "8/10/2007 7:44:51 PM: Copying Local Disk (C:) on Seth-Laptop 8/11/2007 10:23:05 AM: Snapshot stored, 134.5 MB 8/11/2007 10:23:18 AM: Comparing Local Disk (C:) on Seth-Laptop 8/11/2007 11:09:34 AM: Execution completed successfully Completed: 125818 files, 28.8 GB Performance: 62.8 MB/minute (31.7 copy, 638.2 compare) Duration: 15:24:43 (00:24:09 idle/loading/preparing)" THAT'S 15 hours and 24 minutes!!!!! The Vista machine is on a wireless network, the W2K machine on a router cable. The main XP computer has 1.5 gb Ram; the Vista has 2 gb Ram. Vista has retrospect client version 7.5.111. The windows firewall is turned off in the Vista machine. Norton Internet Security is on but retroclient is an allowed program. Obviously there is something wrong with my Vista or wireless setup. Anyone got any clues?
  11. My error. For those who might read this. Retrospect does not show hard drives where I wanted to see one. FreeAgent works fine. When you set up a backup it is there.
  12. Thanks for your reply. Did you have to do anything special to get Retrospect to recognize it or did it just do so on its own when you hooked it up?
  13. I just purchased a Seagate FreeAgent 320gb hard drive to use with Retrospect. I have tried six ways to Sunday and while I can see it in "Computer" I cannot get the device recognized by Retrospect. I believe this drive is new on the market. Windows XP pro is the operating system. I find no help in the knowledge base about this. What to do?
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