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Something is making the user interface of my Retrospect HD stick. I posted once before and got no answer.

I'm even trying R.E. HD 2.0 (free trial) right now. It's a little better but still it's touch-and-go if the UI will cooperate.

Sometimes I'll click "Next" or try to open a folder to select files to copy and nothing happens.

I am totally up to date with Microsoft Updates including .net 3.0 plus I have the latest McAfee protection software.

What language or format is the UI using..flash..or..? That's up to date too as is my Java.

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I had .net 2.0 installed but 3.0 was a Microsoft Update for my Vista and I thought, as per the quote below, that it wouldn't harm to install it on my XP installations.



For customers that already have the .NET Framework 2.0 installed, this .NET Framework 3.0 redistributable package installs only the new Windows Vista components. This ensures that any .NET Framework 2.0-based applications work seamlessly when the .NET Framework 3.0 is installed, with no application migration or updates of any kind required.




I've uninstalled it. The trouble is this problem seems to be intermittent. So far R.E. HD 1.1.127 seems to be cooperating and my trial version 2.0 is still sticky.

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