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Custom Configuring DVDs


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Does anyone know if Retrospect can remember more than one custom configuration for a non certified DVD writer, i.e. the custom configuration for a DVD-R, a DVD+R, a DVD-RW and a DVD+RW so that various types of backup DVDs can be used, i.e. Rs and RWs, without having to reconfigure? I suspect not but would like verification as after writing on some disks I cannot verify data and am trying to see if it is me or my burner that is O.K. or faulty.


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Retrospect can work with multiple configured formats on a single drive. When you perform a custom configuration, the last question you should see will be "Would you like to configure any additional media?" You need to configure all the types of media you want to use at the same time.


I would note, however, that even if all types of media are reported to pass configuration, it is inadvisable to use different types or brands of media in the same backup set.

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