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problem after update


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I applied the update yesterday and last night Retrospect attempted to back up the entire C: drive for both my workstation (24 Gb) and laptop (18 Gb). Retrospect groomed the workstation backup set to make room, but there was a "Can't back up registry, error -1019 (not enough resources)" error so I'm not sure I have a useable backup set. The laptop backup hadn't gone very far when I came in so I stopped it.


Does anyone know why Retrospect is attempting full backups after this update and how to stop it? I'm worried that all my backup sets are going to get trashed by this.




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The workstation is Windows 2000 Professional, the laptop is XP Professional. I tried a manual backup of the workstation to the same backup set; it only backed up a few hundred megabytes of files, but the registry backup failed again with the same resource error. I'm waiting for a lengthy number-crunching program to finish so I can reboot and try some other things.

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After rebooting here's the situation: The workstation backup set that got a full disk image last night seems to be back to a "normal" state; a manual backup copied a fairly typical 600 Mb and the registry backup succeeded this time. Previews of all my other backup sets (2 for the workstation & 2 for the laptop) shows that they're all going to get full backups (the entire disk less about 1.5 Gb excluded by the selector). None of these backup sets has enough room, all will end up groomed, which means I'll lose a lot of history at the least, and I'm not actually all that confident about grooming. I don't have enough backup disk space to extend the backup sets that much either. This is really unpleasant, and I don't have the slightest idea how a driver update and minor patches could do this and how to avoid it in the future (other than never updating again). I'm using Retrospect version 7.5.324 with Driver Update and Hot Fix version, a combination that apparently works fine for you. I did however update from Driver Update and Hot Fix version which you seem to have skipped.

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