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Password encripted Storage set.

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Was the Storage Set actually encrypted, or was it only password-protected?


Somewhere back in the early days when Backup Sets were still called Storage Sets, we found that the "password protection" of unencrypted tape sets seemed to be limited only to the current catalogue. Rebuilding the catalogue from the tapes allowed access to the data without the password. Mercifully, at some point this "feature" was eliminated.


I suspect, however, that you have probably already tried this approach.

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Err, I was using Retrospect with A/UX, do i get a share of Twickland's prize?


My impression is that Retrospect uses a 56 bit DES cypher. I would imagine this is very breakable, given some money, and know how. A quick internet search might point to some companies that could help. I'd think it would be like getting data off broken hard drives, don't even bother if your not prepared to spend thousands on it.


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