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Sharing violation for operations_log.utx when starting Retrospect?


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Retrospect 5.15

The error message is "Retrospect cannot start. Can't open log file "operations_log.utx", error -1020 (sharing violation).


This is running on a Windows 200 Server SP4 machine, that is hosting a set of Accounting files. The server is also running Symantec AV Corp Ed. Server v.10 and Terminal Services is turned for administration.


This seems to have cropped up recently, but I have no idea what has changed, and why it is acting up now. If I open Retrospect right after rebooting everything seems to go smoothly, but if I do it later after it has run the scheduled backup then I get this error (maybe its just the passage of time, or something else that happens).


Is Retrospect incompatible with TS or SAV CE?


Any info would be appreciated.

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