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massive loss of data, please someone tell me how to recover. for the love of god. please.

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hi everyone,


i'm so desperate right now, it's not pretty.


when i was backing up my harddrive to an external Maxtor drive, i thought i selected for it to not duplicate a certain empty folder and it turns out i didn't. so the empty folder overwrote 75 gigs worth of stuff encased in a folder of the same name on the external. in other sections, another 100 gigs of stuff is just missing and i'm very unclear why as i've backed up that part many times, and have not changed a thing (there's not even similar folder names on my computer that could have overwritten it). i've lost roughly 200 gigs!! i'm about to send it to databe.com to see if they can recover ANYTHING, but it doesnt sound optimistic. because this was all caused by things being purposely deleted/overwritten and not by a damaged or crashed drive, etc. has this happened to anyone (i'm sure it has)... the real question, is there a solution? is there hope? i'm really really upset right now at how much loss there is... i'd appreciate any input at all!





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hi jpsmets,

I know this is a bit late saying this, but you should be able to recover your backed up files, assuming you really have backed up as a normal full/incr backup to disks/tapes with Retrospect. Just go into the configure (or Restore window) window, and double click on your backup catalogue. Then (I'm doing this from memory mind you) click on add snapshot somewhere on there, and put in your disk/tape, and it'll show all snapshots to date. Click on the last known good snapshot, and use that one to restore your files.


Of course if you did a Finder copy (backup), and overwrote the folder then you're stuck. You either need to use an unerase program (Norton Utilitlies v7-8) or the company you talked about. In which case ignore me.

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