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  1. Alex, did you make sure that the RetrospectEngine and RetrospectInstantScan items in the Full Disk Access pane (Sys Prefs: Security & Privacy > Full Access) are actually ticked? This is important, as you, the user have to manually authorise those programs to start using full access. If unticked, it's just a provisional level of access. Assuming this has now been done, any further errors should go away.
  2. Thanks for the info David - very in-depth. By the way, my [Retrospect] folder structure is in the standard configuration you've described in your second paragraph. Anyway, I'm good now, so no problems.
  3. Good news. I've just discovered something surprising about the NAS members problem, relating to editing, rebuilding or repairing the set! I have a Media Set that lost it's connection to Member Set 1, on my NAS. So I decided to repair it. I then decided to repair it... got to the 'Add Member' dialogue window showing your available storage devices, and selected the Retrospect folder on my NAS drive. I thought, OK lets see what happens, so I clicked on Retrospect folder, and pressed 'Next...'. Low and behold, the program found the members itself, after a few seconds. Clicked on the correct backup set, and pressed Next.. again, and it repaired the Media Set. It seemed to have worked! I always thought that you have to find the member folders your self (I'm using Retrospect 16.6 (114)) manually - or at least, that's what I had to do in older versions. Of course the user guide wasn't helpful in giving any further instructions on exactly how you are suppose to find the members in a media set. 😞
  4. I get this problem also, while using Retrospect Desktop 16.6.0 (114), using a WD MyCloud 4TB NAS, and MacOS Mojave 10.14.6. Usually I could rectify it by rebuilding the catalogue, but not this time, can't see the folders in the Retrospect folder. However, one curious detail this time, is that I can restore from the Media Set, but not write to the affected member. I'll try the above suggestions, with the folder rename, to see if that works.
  5. Hi David, Also, the disk directory also takes up disk space, so you'll never have the full capacity of the disk. After formatting the disk, you'll end up with about 95-97% of available space for you to use.
  6. IndependentEdit is right, I find you only get this error when you are doing something on the server, e.g. using a web browser, or have files open at the time, while it is backing up. Ignore these error messages, the files will be backed up, but all it's saying is that it has changed since the time it has backed it up, which is correct. Or, in your case, the file is currently in use, and it has partially backed it up. Ideally, try to pick a backup time when no one is using the data you're backing up, that way everything will be copied over fully.
  7. To add an already created catalogue back into Retrospect, go into Media Sets pane, and click on Locate icon, find the catalogue and click OK, or whatever the 'accept' button is. I find it is best to have the catalogue on the Mac Server's hard disk, with all the other catalogues, that way it is always available. If it is already on your hard disk, then I'd say the catalogue has got corrupted along the way, and a rebuild should fix it. If that doesn't fix it, please send us a screen shot of the error, along with the log for that session, that should help identify what's going on.
  8. Actually Retrospect will tell you that you need new media via the Activities window, when you highlight the current backup, and look in the summary pane. It will come up with a little icon, and a media request message. This is where you will have to click on the action button (or whatever it is) to resolve the problem.
  9. OK, my first question is, what type of disks have you backed up to? As it looks like CD/DVDs or removable disks, i.e. Zip or Jazz disks, or something like that. This means, if the answer is yes, that the old Retrospect did things differently than modern versions. The 'disk member's folder' is actually the disk itself, that you need to select. I know, cos I used older versions of Retro myself with small capacity disks (by today's standards). Hopefully it should accept the disk as a member.
  10. Hi, I recently updated Retrospect 11.5.0 (working just fine) to 11.5.3 (103), and when I proceeded to do my usual incremental backup (NOTHING was changed in Retrospect), to a NAS hard disk. The program started rebacking-up the entire contents of my Favourite folder. Which is odd, because I've already backed everything up in this same Media Set, few weeks ago, and the dates had not changed. This was supposed to be an incremental update, and was expecting 20-80MB backup. I quit Retrospect, and reopened it again. I looked at the Media Set window, and found that all of the Media sets I'd setup had a red circle with a cross in it, next to each one. Which meant it could not find them. So I relinked each one to it's correct catalog file, and tried again - it still insisted on backing everything up again. WTF is going on! Now I'm having to do a catalog rebuild, which I hope should cure it. A lot of hassle because of a damn program update. Update: the rebuild did nothing to improve my situation. Retrospect still insisted on backing up every file again – so I let it do so. And... yes, the matching file setting was correctly setup to look for other files of same date, etc. This has not been altered, before or after this happened. Further Info: Retrospect Engine is version 11.5.2 (104)
  11. Thanks for your answers. So the verdict is; it works but be prepared for some problems, if any. I'll probably buy 11.5 anyhow, but will use 10.5 until I've got v11.x fully working.
  12. Hi, Is anyone running Retrospect 10.5 and OS X Yosemite 10.10, and does it work properly, or are there problems? I backup my personal data to a 4TB NAS drive, using OS X 10.9.5 at the moment, but I'm eager to update to the new OS. This is just so I can save myself some unwanted hassle, if R10.5 is somewhat flakey. I'll upgrade Retrospect otherwise, before, going to OS 10.10. Thanks for sharing your experiences.
  13. Could you post the log with this error in it? That may help. Thanks.
  14. Check your firewall, and see if Retrospect is denied access. I forget how this works in 10.6.8... I think it's just a case of switching it off in 10.6.x. Also check the Mac with OS 10.9.2, and it's firewall, and allow Retrospect incoming signals to it. That's all I can figure, assuming you're using a network of course.
  15. Eric has a point, the OS is quite old. But I think it may be not enough RAM, or corrupt prefs files. First, setup another admin user account in MacOS, and try a test backup, to see if your current prefs/setup is causing the problem. Then redo your preferences - move them out of your user folder and relauch Retrospect, and resetup. Second, how much RAM do you have on your Mac dingbat29? This may explain the naff operation of the software. If it is 4GB or less, then you really need to install more, 8GB is good, 16GB better, but that might seem excessive. Thirdly, at a later point in time, upgrade the OS to Mavericks, once you've put more RAM in. I know that Retrospect 10.5 works nicely in 10.9.x, generally speaking. So unless you have to do a lot of software updates, going to Mavericks might save you quite a bit of trouble.
  16. Is the Retrospect Engine also at version 10.5? Using older versions may cause issues. If you are using the latest Engine for Retrospect 10.5, you may want to consider uninstalling Retrospect, the Engine, and preferences – only if no other 'fix' makes any difference. Obviously keep your catalogs in a safe place. Then reinstall from scratch, and re-setup your settings once more – to help setting up, I took screen grabs of the scripts, and all preferences, not forgetting any rules you've created or modified.
  17. I'd look at your rules you're using, if you're using a script to backup. It may be filtering out too many files. That's the only thing that dictates what will be backed up, as far as I know. BTW, further info still required, eg. version of Retrospect.
  18. I wonder if drag and dropping the catalog files (all of them) into the Media Sets pane will work?! I've not tried this myself, yet.
  19. The thing about the Bento database file, is that it is a container package file. Which obviously means files within the main file get modified, not necessarily the outer enclosing file – I know because I looked in the DB file, and there are stuff in there that were recently modified. Well, that's my experience anyhow.
  20. This is something I've recently noticed on my backups... Due to how Retrospect backs up files, by modified dates, it doesn't seem to fully backup my Bento database (DB) file. I've also noticed that the Bento database file (in [user folder] / Library / Application Support / Bento) date has remained the same since 2009!!! This means that Retrospect has not really done a full incremental backup since the start of the backup for that media set! An incremental only backups the log file within the DB file, which is not very helpful. So to rectify this problem, I suggest you create a backup of the database (a feature in the Bento app, via File menu), to a folder, that will get backed up. And do it regularly, probably every week or day, depending on your backup schedule. Be warned.
  21. On a side note, you can set the catalog file to be compressed, if you select the catalogue in media sets list, and under options, I think. This will compress the catalog the next time you do a backup to this media set, by at least 50%.
  22. I know this is a bit late coming, and you may have fixed it already, but... Have you installed the Engine, and set it running? Otherwise, bin your retrospect prefs and try again.
  23. Update to this thread... I may have found another way to do this in the Console app, but it's a bit vague. Look in Preferences > Console (not sure this features in v9, but it is in v10.x), and click on Export Server Installer... button. Like I said, even in the user guide, it doesn't say exactly what this is suppose to export, the Engine only, or the Engine and Console app (again)??? Not tried it, but if anyone can shed some light on this feature, you're welcome to add your bit in here. I suspect that this is how you are supposed to install the new version of the Engine. I wish the user guide (for v10, p13-14) made it a bit clearer.
  24. Have you tried ejecting the tape and re-inserting it? [this may get it to work, but a long shot] If you have, does the error message still appear after a short pause? I'm assuming that member 4 of that media set is available in the Members list for that Media Set, and not marked as lost? If the answer is yes to the last two questions, you might want to rebuild the catalogue file for this media set, as it seems the problem is with locating the file in the backup set. Hope this helps.
  25. OK, thanks. Will try that next time the dreaded 'no media' error crops up.
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