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I am using v 6.1.126 on an iMac G5 (Ambient Light Sensor version), under OS X 10.4.7. I managed to get Retrospect to boot from the install CD only once (to get a clean duplicate of the Mac HD) but I can't get it to boot that way again. I don't think it is my Mac because I can boot DiskWarrior from its install CD.


Any suggestions to get it to boot from the CD? I'll try almost anything!


Thanks in advance,


Murray Lesser

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Since the software on the CD is known to boot the machine (it worked once!), and there is no way to change or reconfigure that software, you might consider burning another copy from the disk image just to be sure that the disk you have has not become damaged in some way.


The DiskWarrior CD uses the same disk development kit under license from Apple that Retrospect uses. If one works, the other should too.



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The one time it did boot, it showed signs of sctivity (other than the spinning spokes) in one minute, although it yook the quoted 10 minutea to fully boot. The DiskWarrior bootable CD boots in about 3 minutes. I've left theRetrospect CD attempt to boot for 5 minutes without any activity other than the spinning spokes.




I can't burn another CD from the image because I no longer have the3 image. I stupidly trashed it when I received the purxhased CD.



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hi murray,


you could:


a) make an image of the purchased CD and burn it

if you have a more recent version of Toast i believe it will just 'copy' the purchased cd

c) download the image and burn it:





If you have a special configuration (e.g., SoftRAID, SCSI card drivers, special hardware drivers, etc.), you may need to use option ©, modify the image by adding updated RDU, appropriate kext, etc., files, then burn. I also added /usr/sbin/hwmond and its related stuff so that our Xserve G5 could be monitored during the restore and so that the fans didn't go "jet engine". You might want to add a few games to play to pass the time while the emergency restore is proceeding.


There's a variant:

(d) Create an image of your Mac OS X 10.4.x [client or server] install disk, modify that to install Retrospect, hack the plist for installer so that Retrospect shows up in the installer's Utilities menu, etc., burn that. If you've got a newer Mac that the standard install disk won't boot, this may be your only option.


Be sure to test the emergency restore CD to ensure that you have working backup/restore tools on the CD - a crisis is not the time to find that out.



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I downloaded the dmg from EMC and burned a Cd. It booted, in 6 minutes, must faster than the original did.


Note that you are now booting a CD written on the same drive that is reading it for booting. Perhaps the original CD was written poorly and was causing lots of error retries during booting, or else perhaps there's something odd about your drive that makes it like its own CDs more than those from other computers.


Glad you have boot success now.



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