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Dear all,




I have been running Retrospect 5.1 Server for a few years using Lacie firewire drives and a Lacie firewire AIT-2 tape drive.




I am looking to upgrade everything to Retrospect 6.1 Server and have a single G5 kicking about that I would like to make use of (10.3.9). I would also like to upgrade the tape to a Sony LIBD81 SCSI-LVD tape library.




I understand that I need to get a Atto SCIS card, but wondered if this is compatible with the Sony within Retrospect ?




Also, is there still an issue with large 1TB Lacie drives and the G5 ?




Any advice appreciated.




Many thanks





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Hi James,


The card will work, you need to make sure that the tape drive itself is supported by Retrospect.


Here is the page to search for supported devices:


"LIBD81" didn't return any results, but it could be listed under a different device name.


As for the Lacie drives - Retrospect has a maximum file size of 1TB, so if you have a volume that exceeds that limit then you will need to create multiple partitions for Retrospect to continue writing properly.

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As for the Lacie drives - Retrospect has a maximum file size of 1TB



Not anymore it doesn't.


Version 6.0 broke the TB limit, that had been a problem for all previous versions.


See the Retrospect 6.0 ReadMe file:


New Features Since Retrospect 5.1


Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther) support

No limit to the size of volumes that can be backed up

Backup sets can now store more than 1 terabyte of data

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I'd get an ATTO UL4S, upgrade the Mac to 10.4 and give it a minimum of 1 Gb RAM


The issues I've seen with the La Cie drives revolve mainly around poor power supplies. Most of the time they work well but when the PSUs start failing they are a disaster area


If you're backing up to multiple tapes sets (A & B, etc), are you going to swop all the tapes weekly (for instance) or try and get Retrospect to use some of the tapes for the A set and some for the B set? If you do the latter you'll find that it will pick whatever tapes it wants and name them how it likes. You can't dictate what tapes RS uses once they're erased or their parent backup set has ben recycled

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