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I have an old duplicate on a hard drive that I am attempting to make a copy of onto dvd's. I used the "Copy" function and all seemed to proceed normally. The copy portion has finished and after successfully comparing the majority of the backup it is now stuck while comparing. The only action that I see is that file names are being listed, though very slowly, but the file counts are not changing nor is the gb remaining/completed count changing. It has been stuck like this for several hours now. Since it is 85% or so finished with the entire process I would like to see if it is possible to get it to complete the backup. Are there any options here?


The DVD drive is my built in drive, G5 Mac 1.6 MHZ, the source is an internal hard drive. Retrospect 6.1.

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The back up drive is listed as "Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-107D""Version A797", this is the drive that came with my 1.6mhz G5.


After several hours I stopped the operation and checked the log which had thousands of read errors. The errors were from trying to read the DVD not the source hard drive. I was using "Ritek Ridata G05 8X DVD-R White Inkjet Hub Printable Blank Media for General Use DVDR Disc".


Actually, I have given up trying to use DVD's and I am in the process of purchasing hard drives instead, so I don't have am imminent need to pursue this right now. For the future, is there a list or a spec that I can refer to when selecting media?


Thanks for your responses!


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