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Hanging at end of Verify

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I've been having a problem with R6 where it hangs at the end of a verify of my backup set. I'm trying to backup from my internal HD on my b&w G3 to a file backup set on my external 160GB LaCie firewire HD.


At first it was apparently an issue with my firewire ports and I was getting mismatch errors. Now that I installed a new firewire card and solved the port problem, I have this.


I updated to 6.1. Same problem. It hangs at the end of the Verify (or catalog rebuild) and all I get is a spinning beach ball. For hours. Until I have to force quit R6 and restart my Mac.


I've diagnosed my drives via TechTool Pro 4 and Apple Disk Util. No problems.


Ironically, no problems when trying to back up my external 3GB SCSI drive to that same external Firewire HD. No execution errors, nothing.


But frankly, I'm getting tired of R6 problems. It's seldom that I can make a successful backup of my internal HD with no issues. In fact, almost never. I've made hardware upgrades, diagnosed my drives ad nauseum, deleted old backup steps and created them anew, and spent hours trying to accommodate R6. I wish Dantz would make a version that actually works.


Any advice is appreciated.

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