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  1. I downloaded the updater for RE 5.0...5.0238. I currently have 5.0205. What's in the new update, and how do I install that since it seems like it comes with a full installer and I already have RE on my drive... I'm running OS 9.2.1 BTW. Do I even need 5.0238?
  2. I have backed up my hard drive to an external firewire hard drive several times already on Retrospect Express 5.0. But I have noticed the "Catalog Compression" selector was not selected. Should I be using this option if I want to save some space on my external? Would it compromise my backup set if I chose this option on my next backup? Please advise.... p.s. I'm on a b/w G3 with OS 9.2.
  3. I have had Retrospect Exp. for Mac for a while, but have never mastered it and I KNOW I am not doing this right. Please help as my attempts to contact Dantz Tech Support before have been completely unsuccessful, and the documentation has been confusing: I have a Mac G3 with OS 9.2, 6GB internal hard drive. I want to back up everything to my external 13GB Firewire Hard Drive, and schedule it so that it backs up twice a week. I am kind of familiar with the software, but get confused about what "Backup Sets" are and on which drive they should be saved. Also, this element of ver 4.3 not being able to back up more than 2 GB confuses me too. Is that a 2GB file, or a 2 GB backup set? I want to not have to split my HD backup into more than one easy backup set. Can Retrospect back up a 6Gb hard drive? Can someone give me a simple step-by-step? Tech support has never responded to my requests for help. Many thanks, TP
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