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Backup script keeps forgetting the automatic login credentials?


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I have had an issue for a while where the backup scripts in retrospect keep forgetting the automatic login credentials used to get to the network share.

Has any one else encountered this, or know how to stop it? It is very frustrating when a backup script fails halfway through because retrospect has decided to forget the credentials.

The error in the log is:   can't read, error -1116 (can't access network volume). As soon as I put the credentials back the script continues to run.

Running retrospect single server. Version This is installed on a Windows 2016 server.

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First thing is to make sure you have the security settings in Retrospect configured correctly. Retrospect has 3 or 4 different places to set the security.


In general, it isn't normal for the NAS settings to be lost for automatic login.  When you click the button to update the login info, does it ask you to change existing settings or does it act like no prior setting had been entered? 

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I'm pretty sure all the settings are correct, for the most part everything runs fine. 

It acts like no prior setting had been entered. Although it seems to remember the username its just the password that will be missing?

I also have the same version of retrospect running on a server at another site and I get the same issue with that too.

Would any sort of loss in network connectivity cause it to ask for credentials again? 


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