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  1. I'm pretty sure all the settings are correct, for the most part everything runs fine. It acts like no prior setting had been entered. Although it seems to remember the username its just the password that will be missing? I also have the same version of retrospect running on a server at another site and I get the same issue with that too. Would any sort of loss in network connectivity cause it to ask for credentials again?
  2. I have had an issue for a while where the backup scripts in retrospect keep forgetting the automatic login credentials used to get to the network share. Has any one else encountered this, or know how to stop it? It is very frustrating when a backup script fails halfway through because retrospect has decided to forget the credentials. The error in the log is: can't read, error -1116 (can't access network volume). As soon as I put the credentials back the script continues to run. Running retrospect single server. Version This is installed on a Windows 2016 server.
  3. Hi Scillonian, Thanks for your response. Typing in the UNC path works a treat so at least i can now add new sources to the backup script. Good to know i can use a virtual machine. No doubt i will utilize that in the near future.
  4. Hi David Hertzburg, Yes I have already extensively searched the forum and can't find anything to resolve this particular issue. Its difficult to nail down the problem when the error is so generic. I am running this particular instance of Retrospect on a server that is also a domain controller. Would that potentially cause issues within Retrospect? I know it tends to be a no go for a lot of software. Can the retrospect server be run on a virtual machine? That may be my easiest current option if the domain controller is best left alone.
  5. I am having problems trying to browse my network to add sources to back up. When i go into manage scripts, i usually add a source from my network by opening my windows network and selecting the shares to be backed up. For some reason when i select to browse my windows network i now get 'Error scanning network, error 1116 (can't access network volume)'. This seems odd as i can browse to those shares from anywhere on the network no problem i only have this problem within retrospect. I also run retrospect on another domain and i don't get this issue. Also the script i am adding sources to already has some shares set to backup weekly and this runs fine i just cant add any more? Any help would be appreciated, thanks. Running retrospect server v11 Windows server 2012 r2 OS
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