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Mac Retro 12.5 "Loading dashboard"

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For some reason one of my client computers is showing "Loading Dashboard" when I start the Retro app. Backups seem to be occurring correctly. The fix described in http://forums.retrospect.com/index.php?/topic/151168-dashboard/ appears to apply to the windows version. I also see it happening on another stand-alone with the server app. When I run the retrospect app I get the same message. Backups are occurring correctly and all other screens are correct. Any suggestions?



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I am having a similar problem with my client computers, as well as my server computer.  Retrospect.app will not resolve the Dashboard on any of them today, but all scripts appear to be executing on schedule and running to successful completion.  I am running my server on a 2012 Mac Mini and have four clients, all running Mac OSX 10.11.2 and Retrospect 12.5.  All I see is "Loading Dashboard..." above the spinning spokes where the Dashboard should be displayed.  Walter

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Retrospect Inc. did indeed have something to say about this on 1 March 2016, when Retrospect Mac 13.0 was released.  The cumulative Release Notes say "Fixed launch issue where 'Loading Dashboard...' would not disappear (#5698)". 

karma, you may want to wait until 6 March, when Retrospect Mac 15.0 is due to be released, to see if they have some kind of revised amnesty deal for owners of Retrospect Mac 11.5 licenses—so you can pay the upgrade price instead of the full purchase price.  I don't say they will (because with Retrospect Inc.—as well as its predecessors—I have never had any relationship other than as a customer), but they may want to boost initial sales figures and be willing to cut a deal.  You can at least get a 45-day free trial to see if that solves your problem.  Good luck.

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