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  1. I am using Mac Retrospect 12.5 on OSX 10.11.2 with server 5.0.15. I am unable to get retrospect to recognize this as a mailserver (or any other mailserver) to send me warnings in the event of back up failures. This has been true for a long time (I tested it on another Mac with an older version of OSX and Server andi got it to work just fine) I tried by the machine name, its public IP, its loopback IP and depending on what setting I use I either get "E-mail notification failed: error 530 (unknown)" or "No server found at that address (597). Could not find anything more in the mail log using Console: 1/21/16 11:32:36.930 AM Retrospect[3456]: PreferencesEmailController::sendTestEmail exception: E-mail notification failed: error 530 (unknown) 1/21/16 11:32:41.128 AM Retrospect[3456]: PreferencesEmailController::sendTestEmail exception: E-mail notification failed: error -597 (mail server not found) Any suggestions?
  2. I am having the same problem and have found that toggling the SSL on and off only changes the failure message to an error -530 unlike what EWTHackman saw. I have tried several different mail servers, the one on the server (using the name and and on other boxes by name and IP with the same results. Solutions? Paul
  3. For some reason one of my client computers is showing "Loading Dashboard" when I start the Retro app. Backups seem to be occurring correctly. The fix described in http://forums.retrospect.com/index.php?/topic/151168-dashboard/ appears to apply to the windows version. I also see it happening on another stand-alone with the server app. When I run the retrospect app I get the same message. Backups are occurring correctly and all other screens are correct. Any suggestions? Paul
  4. Thank you. I will exclude those files from the Time Machine backup. I had not planned on backing up my time machine volume to retrospect, but I was wondering if Time Machine saved some files on the source drive that retrospect did not need to back up. I suspect not, but thought I would ask. Paul
  5. I am curious to know which folders I should exclude from retrospect backups and which from time machine. When I look inside Time Machine, I see that it is backing up RetroISAScan files that can be relatively large. Are these safe to exclude from Time Machine? Are there other files that can safely be excluded? Same for Retrospect. Are there Time Machine files that can be excluded? Finally, I think I can safely exclude my local iDevices backups from the computer backups which would save some space. I ask because time machine is in the midst of a 110GB backup and oddly that has happened more than once recently. On average, my Retrospect backups (backing up this and 3 other machines) average about 4G per night. I plan on using TImeTracker to drill into my Time Machine backup (once it completes in a day or so...) to see what took up so much space.
  6. Found the location of these .cdt files by searching google for receipt.0.cdt but still unclear as to their purpose. Used terminal to manually delete the ones I could find (interestingly wildcards did not work in these directories) but retrospect still chocked on some other oddly named .cdt files i could not find. Partitioned the drive, used Carbon Copy Cloner to clone the drive onto the new partition and the backup went smoothly. Still I think 1) a fault client should not freeze the backups, 2) if activity stalls, an alert should be triggered, 3) the path of the offending file should be able to be retrieved in a log someplace. Paul
  7. I am baffled. So far, the Retrospect console diplays three different files (one twice so far) when it freezes: receipt.0.cdt C079F490-7164-45F4-ACC4-88F9E6C4D02A.1.cdt receipt.0.cdt 57CA01DD-E52A-4D09-9AAB-7BC3D7CEDB23.1.cdt Search of the client using Spotlight and including the system files did not reveal any files with the .cdt extension. Running "locate" in terminal both before and after running "locate.updatedb" did not reveal any files with the .cdt extension. Searching the web indicates that this file belongs to CorelDraw but that app has ever been on this client. Console also does not reveal anything with the .cdt extension. The retrospect log does not reveal any information since, when I stop the activity, the log only shows "Script 'XXXX' stopped by operator" Thoughts? Paul
  8. Interestingly, I am having the same problem but I am using Retrospect on a Mac OS X 10.10.1 Server. I am running Retrospect 10.5.3 and client 11.5.0 and the backup hangs on one Mac running 10.10.1 on the network. As with the first poster, Retrospect hangs and the process needs to be stopped on the server but the client causing the hang must be rebooted else I get the -505 error. Assessing the disk with disk utilities does not show a problem. Time machine works just fine. This is the first time I have noted the file which caused the hang and I will see if it is consistent. I also believe this first appeared after upgrading Retrospect to 10.5.x It troubles me that Retrospect would hang as a result of a faulty client and that the only way I discovered the problem was when I received notification on my laptop that it had not been backed up in 7 days. Retrospect has worked so flawlessly for me for years that it had become a "set-it-and-forget-it" app. I will address my problem with the local client, but I believe Retrospect needs to address this issue with, at a minimum, notification if it appears that a client has hung. Paul
  9. I uninstalled Retrospect following the read me directions and used the uninstaller, used spotlight to search for every file (including system files) which had "retro" in the name and deleted them, rebooted, emptied trash, downloaded a fresh client from the website, installed and this computer still has the other computer's name. Did finally change the name by deleting the other sources in the backup server and added this one. So now it is named correctly but Retrospect still sees it as a server so I am unable to back it up so that it does not think I am in violation of my license. What can I do?
  10. I have now purchased a new MacBook Pro and used migration manager to move files from the MacBook Air above. Again, on this new device, I get the same message that the license prohibits adding the client and it has assumed the name of the Macbook Air in the Retrospect preferences client though it shows the new IP for the machine and I have changed the device's name in sharing preferences, the local DNS and with hostname. What can I do? Do I de-install all traces of retrospect on this MBP?
  11. Background: I am migrating to a new server and have updated all of my personal machines to MacOS 10.9. I have updated to the current retrospect drivers but for some reason when I attempt to add my laptop as a client to the new Retrospect engine, I get the -684 error. I look at my licenses and I am well within my 20 license limit with one server. All the same devices are still happily being backed-up by the 10.5 version of Retrospect on the old server. About a year ago, I had updated the a MacOS server to 10.8 (not the one running Retrospect nor was Retrospect backing it up) and in the process of attempting to install the server monitor on my desktop and laptop, accidentally made them both Mac 10.8 servers, but retrospect was still OK. Now that I have upgraded to 10.9, server has been disabled on the laptop and the desktop. Oddly I was able to add the desktop but not the laptop. For some reason the new copy of Retrospect seems to think it is a server. Question: How do I prevent Retrospect from thinking my Mac laptop is a server? Paul
  12. One of my computers, a MacBook Air (Accidentally updated to server a while ago) was updated from the old client to the new client and all worked well. Backups from a headless MacOS 10.8.2 server 10.0.1 are working fine. In order to be able to control the headless server from my MacBook air, I attempted to install the Retrospect app on it. (Did have the EMC retrospect 8 app on it previously which I had manually removed from the applications folder.) The first attempt, 10.0.1 installed and placed the other files in the Applications/Retrospect folder (client installers, client update, etc.) but the Application itself was an open window and was blank with a spinning beach ball. After about 15 minutes did a force quit. Went to reboot the MacBook air and it would not completely shut down so after 10 minutes forced a restart. After restarting, attempted to remove Retrospect using the Uninstall script and it failed. Took the Applications/retrospect folder and put it in the trash. I could not empty the trash so rebooted the machine again. Then the trash emptied. Another attempt to install the application after dragging it into the applications folder and clicking the icon, the app started and again the spinning beach ball. But this time none of the other files in the retrospect directory appeared. Backups of this as a client appear to be working but I would like to be able to use this to control retrospect without having to revert to VNC. Am comfortable with terminal. Are there specific files which I should delete manually? BTW, permissions check and disk verification passed without errors. I also installed the app on an iMac 10.8.2 server which is a client to the same 10.0.1 retrospect engine residing on the headless server without a problem. Thanks in advance for any help.
  13. That is odd. It is showing up in the Retrospect 8.0 forum. I am confused.
  14. I just installed the driver update as instructed in the release notes and Retrospect apps on the client machines are unable to connect to the server. Looking at the log on the server after doing a warm reboot, I see: 4/17/10 7:38:59 AM com.retrospect.RetroEngine[407] DLLoadLib: no id resource in "/Library/Application Support/Retrospect/RetrospectEngine.bundle/Contents/MacOS/libretrores.dylib", skipDyloCheck 0x1 4/17/10 7:38:59 AM com.retrospect.RetroEngine[407] #2> Command line is /Library/Application Support/Retrospect/RetrospectEngine.bundle/Contents/MacOS/RetroEngine 4/17/10 7:38:59 AM com.retrospect.RetroEngine[407] #2> Command line is /Library/Application Support/Retrospect/RetrospectEngine.bundle/Contents/MacOS/RetroEngine 4/17/10 7:39:04 AM com.retrospect.RetroEngine[407] dag service: client connected. 4/17/10 7:39:04 AM com.retrospect.RetroEngine[407] dag service: client disconnected. 4/17/10 7:39:04 AM com.retrospect.RetroEngine[407] dag service: client connected. 4/17/10 7:39:04 AM com.retrospect.RetroEngine[407] dag service: client disconnected. .... I am running MacOSX Server 10.5.8 and the client Macs have 10.6.3. Suggestions? Paul
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