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  1. Thank you for the information and the link to that lengthy previous discussion. One thing I am concerned about: as mentioned in Support End-of-Life Announcement for Mac OS X 10.3, 10.4, and 10.5, I have one machine running 10.4.11 that I still would like to be able to backup and access backups from; unfortunately I have some old apps and data in use that require running in Classic (!). I think you mentioned in an earlier post that you also had some ancient machines, so how do you deal with it? Is there some way to have both 15 and 16 installed, and just use 15 for the 10.4 Mac? Also, if I stay on Retrospect 15, and backup an AFPS volume, if I disable Instant Scan for that volume will it at least work well enough to use it? I didn't digest all of the details in that earlier post yet...
  2. I finally updated one of my Macs to Mojave with APFS. All my other Macs here are stil HFS+. I am currently still running Retrospect 15 on my server machine with Sierra. Can this setup backup APFS volumes? Have there been improvements or fixes in Retrospect 16 that relate to APFS? Thanks!
  3. I guess I didn't phrase that correctly. I realize it would be a "new volume", but my question was really "would Retrospect back up the whole thing again, or would it be smart enough to know that even though the Volume name had changed, the files had already been backed up, and it would only back up the changed files." So thanks, it appears that you are both saying that "it will not back up the files a second time."
  4. If you had an HD as a volume in a backup script (let's say it's got 500 GB of data on it), and you were to rename the HD, and then modify the script to include it, would Retrospect treat this as a new backup volume and backup the whole thing the first time (i.e. 500 GB), or would it somehow "know" that this is the same as a volume that has already been backed up and only perform an incremental backup?
  5. I recently upgraded from Retrospect Desktop 11.5 to 15.6.1. Everything seems to be working, but I see these strange errors in the LOG, after each backup script is performed: Usually just this: [*] UPreventSystemSleep: IOPMAssertionCreateWithName failed, err = -536,870,208 Sometimes this: [*] soccSend: send failed, err 32 [*] Captured signal SIGPIPE! [*] UPreventSystemSleep: IOPMAssertionCreateWithName failed, err = -536,870,208 Any idea what these mean? I do have it set to send me emails after each script is run, and I am getting them, so I don't know if it has to do with emailing.
  6. I was able to figure out which program installed it by looking in var/logs/install.log. It wasn't Retrospect.
  7. Thanks, I can't ever recall seeing this before... I wonder how it got installed....
  8. So I finally bit the bullet and updated from 11.5 to 15.6.1 (because of the Deferred issue). I just updated a Mac Client by running the Client Installer. Now I see, in my System Preferences Panel, a Pane for something named FUSE. Is this installed by Retrospect, and do I really need it? Some discussions on the net indicate that this extension is problematic...
  9. I currently have Retrospect 11.5 Mac. Back when I had 6.1 for Mac, I backed up some data to some optical disk sets - in other words, spanning multiple DVDs. So I have the DVDs, and I have the catalog files stored on one of my hard drives. How can I add those catalog files into Retro 11.5 so I can access them and read the data from the DVDs? Thanks.
  10. I also have now been having this problem for several weeks, using Retrospect 11.5.3. Backups are working nightly, but cannot get to Dashboard. Doesn't anyone working for Retrospect have anything to say about this?
  11. Can Retrospect 11.5.3 (and Retrospect Client for Mac be used to backup a Sierra 10.12.6 client?
  12. I had this same problem recently. Hanging on various .cdt files that cannot be found doing a search on the computer. After some research I discovered that a .cdt file is related to iCloud. In my case, I can directly tie this to the fact that I turned off iCloud on the computer in question, and started getting these hangs while backing up the computer immediately after. I fixed this by deleting the computer's ~/Library/Mobile Documents.xxxx folder (xxxx is a random number, and this is where the .cdt files live, even though they can't be located by a search), and the ~/Library/Application Support/Ubiquity folder (following some instructions in a related google thread), and restarting the computer.
  13. I generally make 2 sets of the archive onto DVDs - one for storing off site, and one for storing here. And then I free up the massive amount of space on my HDs that the files are taking up. Isn't that the point of an archive? I must admit that I have not really examined that idea before. I'm so used to making DVD archives for years. But having thought about it (thanks for bringing it up), USB sticks do sound like a decent alternative - even preferable. They are not very expensive anymore, you can store a whole project on a 32GB or 64GB stick for around $20 or $40 (vs about $16 or $35 for dual layer DVDs, so it's only slightly more expensive) and you could store them in one of those plastic binder pages with the 9 or 12 little pockets and have multiple sticks in a single binder. The data on a USB stick would be far easier to access than a Restrospect archive spanning multiple DVDs. Although I do worry about the dependenbility of the USB sticks, as well. I was searching online for some to buy, and there are many reports of failures. Hard to know which brand to buy...
  14. That's kind of a strange answer - sure, I'll need a working DVD player to read them back in the future. If I had been backing up to hard drives 10 years ago, and keeping those around, I'd still need working SCSI interface cards or whatever the hell obsolete connectors were being used back then. If it's "highly debated", that would imply that one camp thinks the longevity is fine. Besides, let's say I store a bunch of archives on a single HD. Many different 50GB archives of projects. If the drive goes bad, I lose my entire collection of projects. If a single DVD goes bad, I might lose one project. I trust DVDs for archival more than I do hard drives.
  15. I did want to say thanks for responding. I had found that thread already. I ended up following it and it works to some degree although since we are now on Retrospect 12 (I'm still using Retrospect 11.5) and the article was written for Retrospect 8, the information is no longer entirely correct and you kind of have to fly by the seat of your pants. I somehow managed to get my Apple Mac DVD drive configured to burn DL DVDs. But the whole process of getting a 40GB archive onto 5 of them was so convoluted and undocumented and trial-by-error that I ended up doing it twice - the first time was a failure for many reasons I won't go into. I documented for myself how I ended up making it work so that I can hopefully repeat the process (I don't do this very often), but it's nothing I want to publish. It's amazingly bad that there is no support for this, no current articles, nothing really in the manuals - the ball has been totally dropped on backing up archives to DVDs. So what are you supposed to do in this case? Buy a hard drive for every video project you want to archive? Or simply use some other program? See this thread: http://forums.retrospect.com/index.php?/topic/28423-enable-optical-device-instructions-are-wrong/
  16. I know that this is an old post, but I came across it today. I agree, that this is still needed. One of the things I used to do quite easily with Retrospect 6 is backup a video archive onto multiple DL DVDs - say a 35 GB video project onto 5 DVDs, and have a Retrospect catalog of it - then I can get it off my drives. Now that I'm trying to do this on Retrospect 11.5, it seems completely unintuitive, undocumented, and difficult to figure out - if I can even figure it out, that is....
  17. Hi, using Retrospect 11. I have a video project that is about 40 GB of data. I want to archive it to 5 or 6 dual-layer DVDs using Retrospect. How do I do this in Retro 11? I used to do this in Retro 6... but it's different. Do I choose "Optical" Media Set Type? I tried making one, but when I try to run the backup assistant, it blinks and says "needs media", but I insert a writable DVD into the optical drive and nothing happens, pressing OK does nothing, it just keeps blinking "needs media". Or is the Media Set some other type? There really seems to be nothing in the manual about backing up to writable CDs and DVDs anymore... I may have missed it...thanks.
  18. Thanks - which log would that be? I'm afraid I'm not much of an IT guy, just a small-business owner with a handful of computers...
  19. Thanks for the reply and the suggestions. Last night I did nothing, I checked nothing, I fixed nothing - and it all worked perfectly fine the way it was supposed to. Go figure. I've always noted this kind of "random" behavior from Retrospect (older versions) but I had hoped it was mostly gone - apparently not. (It's unlikely all 6 clients decided to check for software at the same time on the same day, or have their hard drives go to sleep on the same day at the same time (when they have been working fine for upwards of six months... ) but all 6 clients failed with the same message on the same night, and then worked fine the next day... some network glitch or something....
  20. Retrospect 11.5, see specs in sig. The situation is this: I have the main MacPro 12-core running the Retrospect Server. And then 7 Clients (4x Mac, 3x Windows). Every night, I run a backup script on first the main machine, and then each client. This has been working flawlessly for the longest time. The last two nights in a row, it successfully backs up the main server's hard drives (local), and then fails on every single one of the clients (well, actually, it found one of them last night) with the same message such as: Can't access backup client Mac G4 MDD, error -530 (backup client not found) However, in the morning upon seeing this, I open Retrospect Console, and in the Sources tab, I select each source and do a Refresh, and everything's fine, no missing clients - everybody's there. I then run a script manually for each of the supposedly missing clients and it backs up fine. I've rebooted the server yesterday, and it still did it last night, so I don't think that's going to help. Any other suggestions or ideas? Thanks, - Stephen
  21. Thanks. I did try stopping it from the System Preferences panel, but no go. Activity Monitor showed it still running, pegged at 100% of one CPU. Obviously locked up. So I Force Quit it from Activity Monitor. Then I was able to restart the engine from the System Prefs, and it seemed to pick up running scripts from where it got stuck last night. Weird.
  22. Retrospect 11.5 - specs in signature. So this morning, I saw that only 3 backup operations had completed and not the usual 8 (from emails). So I started Retrospect Console, and it won't finish coming up - everything is stuck on "waiting for sync..." with the spinning wheel... On the machine running Retro Server, the hard drive containing the media set is mounted and available. What should I do? Any advice?
  23. OK, thanks. I guess one of the problems I was having was that checkbox was grayed out. There was no way to turn it on. I rebooted the PC (twice) and it fixed itself somehow.
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