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Retrospect 10.5.0 (145): 'Bind to specific tape drives' does not work

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I just ran into nasty bug regarding 'Bindings' option in Media Sets.

I have two tape libraries - older DLT-S4 and newer LTO5 one. When I try to change Media Set 'Bind to specific tape drives' option from default 'Any tape drive' to 'Selected tape drives', select specific drive and press Save - the option reverts itself to 'any' after a few seconds.


I tried creating new Media Set, resetting Retrospect.app preferences, relaunching engine - nothing helps.

Running any backup with two tape libraries connected makes Retrospect to archive alternating between two different formats on one Media Set. A nightmare.


Is there any way to fix that? Now I have to manually disconnect or power down each library depending on a backup I want to commit.




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I use Retrospect v11.5.3 and I have the same problem. I also opened a ticket and an agent said it was a bug and it was going to be fixed in future versions. That was on october 16, 4 months ago! I think this bug is absolutely critical for any customer who uses multiple tape drives (which needs an specific pay-license by the way). Does anyone know the ID of this bug? I hope they fix this as soon as possible, because, as Witold Oleksiak said, this is a nightmare.

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