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  1. I opened a ticket for that and Retrospect agent responded that its a known BUG! You are on version 10.5 but I have this on 11.5.2. Can someone from Retrospect stuff elaborate on when should we expect a fix for this BUG.
  2. I just spent 1,608.00 EUR upgrading from 9 to 11.5 This problem of loosing all script configuration happened to us to many times since version 8.0. Any info on when this will be addressed?
  3. The problem is that in our case it simply doesn't work! we have loads of AIT backups that retrospect cant transfer to new media sets. We contacted support and they couldnt help :-( What we did was restoring tapes to disk and archive them to new media sets.
  4. The Retrospect application makes me feel insecure about our backup's, especially lacking option of reading old sets ... I don't know if there are many of us since Ver 6 that suffer from this issue. The only way to find out is to post here...
  5. We have tons of AIT-1 to AIT-5 backup sets since 2002 that need version Retrospect 6 in order to read from. We're curently using Retrospect ver 9 and would immediately upgrade to a version that will let us read old backups.. Just a thoght.. Retrospect could have a legacy mode that could read the old set's. in order to cover costs of development make it as an option.
  6. I see it all the time... I have to redo settings on daily basis! Retrospect 9.0.2 is a lot of work maintaing right settings for all backup/archive scripts, it randomly changes scripts media sets or favourite folder to wrong ones. Is this normal?
  7. Often , when setting a script with a certain media set, Retrospect is confusing the media sets and preforming a backup to a different(wrong) media set. From time to time we get errors like this and its very hard to get things backed up! Anyone have this? Retrospect 9.0.1 Mac O X server 10.6.8 Qualstar RLS 8560 LTO-5
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