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  1. Thanks for the suggestion, I indeed overlooked that option. Unfortunately removing unnecessary volumes, both from sources list and by unchecking them in "Selected Volumes" list, did not help.
  2. For now I can and will ignore this error. It just marks the (scheduled) backup as failed at the end and sends an email report stating what the problem is, no interaction is needed.
  3. There are many nameless devices listed on lsblk output (these are StorNext LUNs), but they were present on previous system too. I am not sure what tick-box you are referring to... In my backup I have only one specific volume selected as a source. Most probably containerd (Docker) running on this Linux server is the culprit (Retrospect client is not installed inside container). I got a reply from Tech Support regarding version crashing, they informed me there is no support for "docker configurations". If that's true, that would be a severe limitation.
  4. Thank you for the feedback. I reported the crashing bug to Tech Support, although our ASM expired, so I wonder how such issue will be treated.
  5. Well, if by "name" you mean that the volume should have a label - then it has. [root@host ~]$ lsblk --fs /dev/sdn1 NAME FSTYPE LABEL UUID MOUNTPOINT sdn1 xfs inS<redacted> 8117289f-4d52-40b0-a018-1b64dc836d06 /mnt/inS<redacted>
  6. We recently moved our storage (xfs formatted volume) from one server (Linux CentOS 6) to another (Linux CentOS 7). Now, when backing up the same volume using Retrospect, everything is transferred to tape properly, but at the end the activity ends with an error: While scanning volume , root folder name doesn't match volume name: root "", volume "" Does anyone have a clue what that means and how to make Retrospect happy? Retrospect Engine version is, because the latest one does not work, it crashes our Linux client on connect. Linux client is on its latest,
  7. I just noticed RetrospectEngine process started using 10-15% of CPU time when doing nothing. Restarting the process does not help, nor restarting whole computer. No management GUI app is connected, Instant Scan is disabled. The affected computer is Mac Mini (Late 2012) with 2,6 GHz i7 processor, running OS X 10.11.6 with all current updates applied. Most probably this started after last Retrospect update. Does anyone else experience the same issue?
  8. I know that is user to user discussion and I appreciate your help Lennart. The problem is all this issues showed up now, when our support expired. So I at least wanted to know if someone else was dealing with similar bugs. Oh, now I see my LTO5 members in recently created sets are having 2322 TB space free each... More fun!
  9. It's worse than that. After skipping or marking member as missing during verify, process returned "1 execution error" in log, without any number of files which did not pass verification. Very helpful. There is a lot data missing in media set though! When I marked member as lost and relaunched backup, I expected Retrospect to redo backup of data which was on missing member, to make media set complete. It did not do that. This product is completely broken. Sometimes I have the impression such bugs were introduced in last 10.5 update, just before releasing new paid 11.0 update. Hopefully it's just an impression.
  10. There is no 10 TB lost. You are not doing anything wrong. The only thing you misunderstand is the real physical capacity of LTO5 media. LTO5 tape physically fits 1,5 TB of data, not 3 TB. It can fit up to 3 TB ("advertised capacity" ) by compressing "easy to compress" data on-the-fly internally, but as fellow members pointed out - the data you are backing up is already compressed (or too hard to compress).
  11. My verification was going overnight and by the time I came to work media request timed out, aborting verification procedure. So if I disable media timeout, I should be able to skip this member. I will try that, thank you. Still it does not make any sense to me to require missing media during verification.
  12. Hi there, I can't verify my media set, which has one member marked as lost. During backup one of the tapes gone bad, so I trashed it, marked as lost in media set and restarted the backup. Now, I want to verify this set - and I can't, because Retrospect asks for member which is marked as lost and I don't have it. What is the purpose of this option then? How can I verify if my set is readable? Best, W.
  13. OK, not much help for now. So maybe someone working with similar configuration (same Retrospect version and two tape drives) could check if my issue could be reproduced?
  14. Hello, I just ran into nasty bug regarding 'Bindings' option in Media Sets. I have two tape libraries - older DLT-S4 and newer LTO5 one. When I try to change Media Set 'Bind to specific tape drives' option from default 'Any tape drive' to 'Selected tape drives', select specific drive and press Save - the option reverts itself to 'any' after a few seconds. I tried creating new Media Set, resetting Retrospect.app preferences, relaunching engine - nothing helps. Running any backup with two tape libraries connected makes Retrospect to archive alternating between two different formats on one Media Set. A nightmare. Is there any way to fix that? Now I have to manually disconnect or power down each library depending on a backup I want to commit. Thanks, W.
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