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Duplicate backup

Tony Albano

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I'm using Retrospect 8.5.0.


I've noticed that when running a Duplicate backup set as "replace if source is newer" the backup copys a lot more files than have actually changed. As a result, the backup takes a lot longer than it should. Only this morning, I know that only one file had changed but the activity window showed multiple files being duplicated - something like 6.5GB. The file that had changed is only 58MB!!


Any idea why this is happening?





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It could be duplicating files that were accessed, not just altered.


However, if you are backing up your own files, you may find that the speed of duplication is faster by turning off a few options.


I find the following settings makes for faster duplication: (see screen capture)


Check to see if you have turned off - in Security Settings - save file security.

Turning off save file security settings can make the duplication job run much faster.


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The metadata will most likely be different on a NAS, compared to a local drive.


We had a dual boot client the other year. It had three disks: XP, Vista and Data.

When booting in XP all three disks were fully backed up. When booting in Vista all thre disks were fully backed up again. No file-deduplication at all. The same hardware, the same client version, the same server and the same media set.

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