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  1. Just for information to others who may have experienced this same issue. Since Jan 21 2021 my scheduled tasks ... Duplication and Backup on Windows 10 1909 failed to launch. No errors recorded Retrospect simply failed to auto launch to perform my scheduled Backup and Duplication jobs which it had been doing successfully for years. The only thing I can suggest is that a Windows security update on Jan 21st somehow interfered with the auto launch of Retrospect on my PC. The Retrospect services Retrospect helper and Retrospect Launcher were both set normally to Automatic and running normally. No errors were reported on these services at all, yet the auto-launch simply failed to happen each day. (I experimented by manually restarting these services but the issue remained.) Running Retrospect interactively resulted in the scheduled tasks running as soon as Retrospect was open. This is for my older version of Retrospect : I suspect that Security intelligence updates for Microsoft Defender Antivirus and other Microsoft antimalware KB2267602 Version 1.329.2549.0 was the cause. That's the only thing that happened to my system on the last day that my jobs fired successfully. However, following the installation of the optional update to Windows January 21, 2021—KB4598298 (OS Build 18363.1350) Preview ... which I installed yesterday ... my scheduled Retrospect tasks are now firing up as normal again. Food for thought.
  2. Pardon me if I'm asking a silly question, but have you got the Retrospect Launcher Service set to "Automatic" under Windows Services? Even if you do ... perhaps try stopping it in the Services and restart it in the services then leave it set to automatic to see if that does anything to help.
  3. Scillonian has listed in a clearer way the steps needed. Thanks Scillonian for setting out the steps far more clearly than I did.
  4. I wish I could point out where the issue is - but I'm just a fellow long-suffering customer of Retrospect Maybe someone who is expert will jump in with some ideas... Happy to bung up some screen captures of what I am getting ... also just a quick look at the steps I'm doing in case you are doing something different (though I very much doubt that you are.) So, a look at the Retrospect screen where I select a session in reports and then File ... Export the backup set to a text file ... a look at the top of that text file ... and how it looks in Excel with a drag and drop ... attached.
  5. Using Retrospect also produces an OK text file. Which version are you using again?
  6. Hmm ... something odd going on? ... I get a text file that is OK in my older version on Windows 10 (Retrospect ... I have a more recent version on another pc ... (not the latest though) ... I'll see what I get on that one.
  7. Hi x509, It is actually line by line ... but it is a very long line ... you might need to change the resolution of the screen to see it all in Notepad. Alternatively ... If you open the .txt file in Excel and choose tab delineated during the import step, you could then clear out all the extra guff in the middle columns within Excel to make better sense of the filenames.
  8. If you highlight a Session Content (Under "Reports") ... then you can select File ... Export ... out to a text file. The result will be a pretty "ugly" text file however ...
  9. In Windows 10 Home, I unlinked the account, turned off OneDrive and in Add / Remove programs, uninstalled it. That allowed me to then delete the OneDrive directories. True, the OneDrive folders returned later as visible in Windows Explorer ... but the issue with the directory is gone. Wonders never cease.
  10. That's very good info Scillonian. In my case, it turns out that no-one is actually using oneDrive as intended, so I have taken the "sledgehammer" approach ... "uninstalled" OneDrive and deleted all OneDrive directories. Problem solved. I can always re-install OneDrive later and implement a more elegant solution down the track.
  11. Interesting find ... well done to all. On my laptop, where 1803 was working fine with Retrospect, I was not logged in to Onedrive. The desktop which did have an account active with Onedrive, had the Retrospect jobs failing (except when run from within Retrospect using the Run drop-down.) I'm still puzzled why that was working ... Anyhow, I've unlinked the OneDrive account on the problem machine and will see if that does the trick.
  12. Hi again, Thought I would include a copy of the log from both a failed run (from the Retrospect Scheduler) and a successful run (from the "Run" menu drop down within Retrospect). From the failed scheduler run: + Normal backup using Backup C at 5/05/2018 7:00 PM 5/05/2018 7:00:15 PM: Finished scanning backup set data files To Backup Set Backup Set A... - 5/05/2018 7:00:14 PM: Copying Local Disk (C:) Scanning incomplete, error -1103 (write protected) 5/05/2018 7:01:03 PM: Compressing catalog file -- From the successful "Run menu drop-down" within Retrospect: + Normal backup using Backup C at 6/05/2018 10:32 AM 6/05/2018 10:32:24 AM: Finished scanning backup set data files To Backup Set Backup Set A... - 6/05/2018 10:32:23 AM: Copying Local Disk (C:) 6/05/2018 10:33:22 AM: Found: 404,197 files, 88,163 folders, 82.0 GB 6/05/2018 10:33:27 AM: Finished matching 6/05/2018 10:33:34 AM: Copying: 9,042 files (7.8 GB) and 153 hard links 6/05/2018 10:36:03 AM: Building Snapshot... 6/05/2018 10:36:06 AM: Copying properties for 88,163 folders 6/05/2018 10:36:18 AM: Finished copying properties for 88,163 folders and 0 files 6/05/2018 10:36:18 AM: Copying UEFI System Partition 6/05/2018 10:36:21 AM: Copying Snapshot: 418 files (406.8 MB) 6/05/2018 10:36:30 AM: Snapshot stored, 406.8 MB 6/05/2018 10:36:30 AM: Execution completed successfully Completed: 9042 files, 7.9 GB Performance: 3333.7 MB/minute Duration: 00:04:06 (00:01:42 idle/loading/preparing) 6/05/2018 10:36:30 AM: Compressing catalog file 6/05/2018 10:36:31 AM: Compressing catalog file --
  13. Hi eppinizer, I am going to the Run selection menu and selecting the job from there which has a successful completion. Instant scan is disabled. This system has an SSD C drive if that has any bearing. Intel core i7 7700K CPU @ 4.20 GHz
  14. No, what I'm doing is just entering Retrospect and selecting the Duplicate script job to run. For some reason it works for me when I do that, but the same job fails when fired off by the scheduler. This is a local "Duplicate C" job.
  15. Just saw the result from the non-interactive run of Duplicate C ... sure enough ... it failed: Scanning incomplete, error -1103 (write protected) So, in my case, running the job interactively does work, but having it run from the scheduler sees it fail.
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