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  1. Thanks for all your replies.
  2. Thanks for your replies. The source is a NAS drive and the target is a USB-attached drive. Most of the security settings are the set the same as you've shown. I'll try the suggestion in the KB article.
  3. Hi I'm using Retrospect 8.5.0. I've noticed that when running a Duplicate backup set as "replace if source is newer" the backup copys a lot more files than have actually changed. As a result, the backup takes a lot longer than it should. Only this morning, I know that only one file had changed but the activity window showed multiple files being duplicated - something like 6.5GB. The file that had changed is only 58MB!! Any idea why this is happening? Thanks AA
  4. Can someone from Retrospect advise when the EFI motherboards issue will be resolved? We were told it was "being looked at" last January 2013. I was keen on upgrading to the latest version as the ability to create a recovery disk on a USB stick is appealing as is the new backup method. However, I chose not to, as without the EFI issue being resolved, the software is not very good when it comes to disaster recovery. Reinstalling the OS, upgrading it to the latest version (ie Win 8.1), installing Retrospect and then doing a volume restore is just too inefficient. Any update, please? Thanks AA
  5. Thanks for you reply. Any idea when it will be resolved? Thanks
  6. Hi Does the new version 9 address the issue regarding EFI motherboards? Thanks
  7. Thanks for your replies. On the basis of nothing to lose I had another go. This time it went absolutely perfectly. Restore speeds of 3,000 plus and took well under an hour. I've no idea why it went so slow the first time. All's well!
  8. My apologies. I meant 8GB RAM. I'm restoring from a USB 3 hard drive. There are only 2 backup sets. I can't remember how many files on the XP restore but nowhere near as much as Win 8-around 275,000.
  9. I've just performed a trial disaster recovery run using the latest Retrospect version. I restored Windows 8.1 back to factory installation, installed Retrospect and then restored C:\, being the OS drive - a live restore. I had about 35GB of files to restore. It all went well and, as expected, everything was back to how I had left it before the trial. I didn't use Disaster Recovery as I have the ASR Writer issue. Hence the live restore. The one MAJOR downside is it took 24 hours to restore all the files! Is this normal? At one time it was showing a restore rate of 0.1MB per minute. Very slow in my opinion. Anybody else experienced this or is the restore time normal? The previous whole-volume C:\ restore on a Win XP PC took just minutes in comparison. I'm running Windows 8.1 64bit with 8MB RAM. Any advice would be welcome.
  10. Thanks. The scenario is this: The backup is scheduled for 1930hrs. If the PC is switched on later, Retrospect immediately launches to perform the (now late) backup. It's at this point that it needs to wait a few minutes for the NAS to connect.
  11. Hi I have a NAS attached to my system which takes a few minutes to be recognised when I start up my PC. In the meantime, Retrospect has launched and attempts to back up the NAS, as scheduled. However, I get the usual "1116 Can't access network drive" error. Is there any way I can automate Retrospect to wait for a few minutes to allow the NAS to connect? Many thanks
  12. OK. I'll do as you suggest and hopefully it'll work. If not I'll post a screenshot of the selection. Thanks.
  13. Hi everybody. I'm running version 7. No matter how I try to configure exclusions in a backup set, eg "c:\temp\anime\*.*" or "c:\temp\ including enclosed folders" or even "Desktop" using the Windows special folders selector, the folders mentioned ALWAYS back up when I don't want them to!! I've read a few other postings re the same problem but the suggestions therein don't work for me. Any ideas, please. Tony
  14. Nate I've sorted it!! I was using PartitionIt, which includes its own disk checker. This reported that I: was locked. Its help page suggest I run Chkdsk from a DOS window. When I ran it on I:, Chkdsk reported that the volume was mounted or something similar and the disk couldn't be checked until the drive was unmounted. I said "Yes" to unmounting and Chkdsk did its stuff. No errors returned. I then ran the backup and just as bizzarely, the backup now works and has done several times!! Incidently, the drive is used for storage and defining a subfolder didn't work -Error 1103. That was before I somehow fixed it. I've got lots of stuff running in the background but the only stuff that would "use" the drive would be antivirus. Can't imagine what occured. Something locked the drive and then released it. Many thanks for your help. Hopefully, others in a similar situation can benefit from this thread. Tony.
  15. Hi Thanks for your response. I: drive is a 2nd drive on my PC - drives C: to H: being the 1st drive. I've moved the readme file to another drive, ie H: and it backed up on H:, so I don't think it's the file. I say this because when I then tried to run a backup on I:, I got the same error message but this time it says the DRIVE is write protected! Something seems to have "locked" the drive preventing Retrospect doing its stuff?? Thanks Tony
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