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(Very) Slow restore

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I've found when i restore I restore via a share (such as a folder called "Recovery" on each of our shares). You go to sources and click add and one of the options is "Share". You log in with a username and password from your server. This way you can choose it as a recover destination. Its very fast and I don't have permission issues.

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Retrospect 11.0.1 (with client) 11.0.0 (191).


Both client and engine computers are now running 10.9.4.  I have tried a client running 10.10 DP3, but there is no difference in speed.


Have not tried a Windows 8.1 client (yet), but will tomorrow and update this post/thread accordingly...

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We have Retrospect 10.5.0 Server  and we have a lot client with different version 10.5.0 , 9.0.2. 6.3.029 but we have ALWAYS the same problem.


We have changed also the lan ethernet of the Server but nothing solved the problem. Is not a network problem, is not a client problem.


With the OLD version of Retrospect Server 6.1.230 with the same lan ethernet we didn't have the problem.



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I meant to update this with a Windows 8.1 client test.


Same issue:  Restores from my engine machine to a Windows 8.1 64 client — are also running at around 12.7M/min (about 1M/min faster than restoring to my Mac clients.)  Still much, much too slow.

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I am experiencing exactly the same issue, i have my servers all mounted via NFS

If i try to restore to a server I get transfer rates no higher than 11mb a second



NEW Mac PRO 6,1 3.5ghz 6core/32gb ram - running OSX 10.9.4

Retrospect 11.0.1 running as the server on this machine.


SAS 6gb atto card to to 2 x overland NEO200 LTO5/LTO6 tape robots - Thunderbolt BUS0

SAS card and ATTO NT11 10gbE network card are plugged into a Sonnett echo express 3 in the two pci 8X slots

This connects to Thunderbolt BUS0


As far as network i tried out ATTO nt11 card running at both 1500mtu and 9000 mtu

I also plugged in a new sanlink2 10gbe - Plugged into Thunderbolt BUS1 and experienced exactly the same results.


If i restore exactly the same tape/files locally either to the local hard-drive or to a usb3 hard-rive i get a more respectable speed -3gb to usb 6gb to onboard hardrive.

If i then copy over the folder too any of my NFS shares it copies at full speed.


If i backup to tape from any of my NFS shares I get backup speeds of 6-7GB/M


Everything right now points to the software being the issue is there any update to a fix for this -in the meantime i have had to waste 2000 on a 8tb Pegasus R4 just so i can restore large jobs locally

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If you are seeing this problem, what version of Retrospect and client are you using? What OS is the backup server and client running?

Adding a "me too".


Retrospect version, client either 10.5.0 (145) or 6.3.029, all machines running OS X 10.7.5


Backup whizzed along at 748.8 MB/min but a test restore to new folder (so no match decisions) of a selected folder of 14 items/14GB is only hitting 20 MB/min


Let me know what other test you want, Robin. This is a test setup, so anything up to and including reinitialising both server and client is yours for the asking. But hardware limits the server OS. I'm afraid.

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I am having trouble with fluctuations in speeds of restores. (Tyrone highspeed server/ISCSI/Retrospect 7.7/LTO 5). If I restore locally I get 5000-7000mb/pm. But our work is on network where there is speed fluctuation. on occassions we get speed - 1500mb to 2000mb/pm. The situation stays for 3-4 days irrespective to any numbers of restores & after that we get speed - 5500 to 7000mb/pm (if not greater). But again after 3-4 days the speed lowers back to 1500-2000mb/pm. Not able to judge the reason.(all conditions are same on each occassion) Desparately need help.

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If you are using version 11 and experience slow restores, please email support@retrospect.com. We have a test version of Retrospect we would like you to try, which might fix the problem.


Applied for.


Further data points in the meantime -- again, all machines running, OS X 10.7.5, client version 6.3.029. Same 14GB restore every time, always to a new folder.


Restore to a local disk -- 5.3GB/min

Restore to client as a network AFP share -- 1.1GB/min

Restore to client as a Retrospect client -- 20MB/min

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What have you done to have 3GB/min for client restore?



He is using the test version (as am I) and the restore speeds have been increased dramatically.   Or a better way to state that would be -- they have gone back to expected speeds.


Still, that's a pretty fast restore test!

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