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  1. Hi David, I have 2 versions of retrospect Installed (10 and 14) and as 10 was running previously the engine was for 10. I will give more details when I have all up and running
  2. Hi David, First of all sorry false-quote post. This post auto saved the quote option and then I filled information without seeing that... I will read docs, thank you
  3. Hello People, I need to configure AWS for cloud backup with retrospect but the options aren't available. Could be this is a trial version? (Check attachments)
  4. Hi David, It was a hell of a reply here!: It seems you know a lot about this subject, and I thank you for your thinking. I'm also contacting our ISP for getting a quote and compare. The highlights of using my ISP is (what I understand as Snowball appliance) I can deliver a set of HDDs on hand, so it will be faster than upload (at a rate of 30GB/day it's unusable). I'll keep the post updated. TY all
  5. I'm not sure what counts as a request. The number of files that I upload?
  6. I'm considering using AWS for weekly (or monthly) backups. I'm not sure yet if the best suited in this case should be Glacier or S3. The critical information to store is about 4,5TB of data plus a daily 10GB of new stuff/changes. Any ideias before I start to implement?
  7. I'm considering using AWS for weekly (or monthly) backups. I'm not sure yet if the best suited in this case should be Glacier or S3. The critical information to store is about 4,5TB of data plus a daily 10GB of new stuff/changes. Any ideias before I start to implement?
  8. Found an answer for my own question http://forums.retrospect.com/index.php?/topic/10990-cant-duplicate-from-one-folder-to-another-on-same-server/
  9. !Can't duplicate, both source and destination are on the same backup client Why? I can copy directly from server but I trust the verifying process from Retro
  10. Always in action Lennart! TY My priority goes to the current MediaSet. Not the "found one", so you are suggesting to rebuild the old one? No need to that's ok with that
  11. Hello, I've found on my "chest" 2 LTO Tapes with the same name of a current media set (archive). I don't know what I should do to not mix both media sets. Any tips?
  12. Just to add some info: I have several daily scripts and for about a few months I noticed some slowness just "ARDing" to it. Since this memory upgrade(was 4GB now 10GB) I see my mini responding quite reasonable and that issue was overtaken TY
  13. A memory upgrade on (retrospect) server helped!
  14. Every day I have a script to copy a server to a VM on parallels. The script usually starts fine, but when finishing is hanging what causes the client keeps backing up forever and then on next day the client is reserved See attached image (server that is beeing copied from) and log from retro server after (sometimes almost) all files being copied: + Copy using Copy at 08/07/15 (Activity Thread 1) 08/07/15 04:00:01: Connected to FromServer 08/07/15 04:00:01: Connected to ToServer To volume SystemRAID on ToServer... - 08/07/15 04:00:01: Copying SystemRAID on FromServer > Note: 224114 files were not re-copied to volume "SystemRAID on ToServer" because the 'Use attribute modification date when matching' option is disabled. !Can't read state information, error -519 ( network communication failed) 08/07/15 07:31:49: Execution incomplete Completed: 4970 files, 6,1 GB Performance: 30 MB/minute Duration: 03:31:46 (00:04:06 idle/loading/preparing)
  15. I have a Linux Ubuntu Client (V10) up and running: Linux 3.13.0-43-generic #72-Ubuntu SMP Mon Dec 8 19:35:06 UTC 2014 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
  16. I use only 4GB of ram for about 20TB of data mixed by Win/Linux/MacOS with Disks, Tapes and Clients Retrospect uses most CPU, not RAM fyi. And I have invested time to make a good backup policy, that's IMHO you should think 1st
  17. I found it (Overwrite entire volume does exactly what I need/want) YOU ARE SO INTELLIGENT Lennart
  18. Ok, that would be a nice approach. And the deleted files that we don't want/need? This is for a EmailServer (I have a new hw equipment ready B in case of failure of the First A) The restore script erase files that aren's on last backup...
  19. TY Lennart. No grooming. The last issue i'm facing is that I need to make an automated restore of the last backup. So: - Backup server A at 10pm, ends at 11pm (let's suppose); - Restore (last) Backup A to Server B at 01AM (next day)(I will give sufficient difference time for the A backup to finish) ; What i'm facing is that the restore cannot be automatic, that is the message that shows. One note is that when I'm creating the script I don't have "last backup". I can only select an existing snapshot!
  20. No one have any tips/Clues? I dont want to manually restore a backup everyday.. Or should I contact Support?
  21. To stop Retro engine wait at least 10min. Once I had remote reboot a server that was (also) running retrospect. I was at home late night and when I saw no response from server I decided to drive to office. I dressed clothes and when I was about to close my house's door I tried again and it was already up and running. So Later I tested and I concluded that was the time for retro to stop ;-)
  22. In this case didn't work (attached file) I used to do that, restarting the console and yes works in that cases. But this isn't the same problema So For automate restore I have a problem in hands
  23. Is it a glitch again? I cannot select last backup, when I meant last backup I was talking about manually select the last backup I did
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