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EFI Motherboard

Tony Albano

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Can someone from Retrospect advise when the EFI motherboards issue will be resolved? We were told it was "being looked at" last January 2013.


I was keen on upgrading to the latest version as the ability to create a recovery disk on a USB stick is appealing as is the new backup method.


However, I chose not to, as without the EFI issue being resolved, the software is not very good when it comes to disaster recovery. Reinstalling the OS, upgrading it to the latest version (ie Win 8.1), installing Retrospect and then doing a volume restore is just too inefficient.


Any update, please?







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It took how long to fix this EFI problem?

See ASR Writer Backup Failed


I'm glad I paid and switch to another vendors product 18 months ago when I discovered issues testing my DR plan.

I really did like Retrospect but the buying and selling of the company did kill support.  Hopefully they are now getting back on track.


I'll be watching.

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