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r11 on trial. how do i add .rbc media sets to r11?

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after failing with r9 and 10 (and still soldiering on with r6) i'm giving retrospect another shot with r11.


i'm rebuilding our old r6 ait2 tapes and the first few i've done i put the catalogs in a different location. now i've got them going to the correct (default) folder. i moved the first few to this new folder but r11 isn't seeing them. my recollection was that it woud scan them at launch but it doesn't seem to be the case.


how do i get them into the media sets list?



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thanks lennart. that doesn't work – i found that hitting the "locate" icon and navigating to the folder i can select them. 


what is weird and imho unworkable is that you have to add them one at a time, you can't shift click to add multiple items.


also it appars that when i'm rebuilding a tape i have to select the catalog folder everytime manually. shouldn't this be automatic?

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Welcome to the post-6.1 world. Retrospect 6.1 was an elegant, polished, well thought out product, honed after many years. The newer versions, despite having a bit more visual appeal, are all a lot less workable and user friendly. I suspect this came out of a desire to make the Mac and Windows versions as functionally similar as possible, though why the company would not want to enable a simple way to select or deselect multiple items is beyond me. 


When rebuilding a tape backup set/media set, although you need to navigate to the catalog location for the first tape member, the subsequent members of the same media set should be able to be added without having to navigate again.

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