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  1. i got an email from support too. i've sent them logs this weekend, it'll be interesting to see what pans out.
  2. i contacted support on the 21st (case number 00061458) but still no response. i can repro the issue incredibly simply and 100% of the time. remove all clients add a single client hit refresh, client is seen and refreshed. reboot the server mac click on the client previously added hit refresh 530 error, client not seen. so as long as i never reboot the server the clients remain connected. but obviously that's not workable.
  3. hey david maybe you could pm me the his contact details? i'd be happy to run a test version of r15 if it helps the cause.
  4. i've read the many posts by david hertzberg (thank you david for all your hard work) relating to the backup clients not being found on the network. we're using r14.6.1 backing up 8 sources (all macs) to a mlogic lto-6 tape drive. i'm finding that although the clients appear in the client list i'm getting repeated backup failures due to 530 errors. as per david's many posts, removing and re-adding all the clients manually fixes this issue but it doesn't last. surely there must be a way of getting past or working around this rather infuriating problem.
  5. actually david, that's not what i want. i want to be able to select multiple folders and make them all individual favourites. but anyway, the 'lack of discipline' comment is valid and i appreciate it. this is what make forums (and users like you) so helpful. it takes another set of eyes to point out what is a great (and with hindsight such an incredibly obvious) change of workflow. thank you.
  6. thanks david, that's cleared things up a bit. it's still weird though that you can't shift click or lasso 20 folders and define them as favorites. i'll persevere.
  7. that can't be right. we're hanging by a thread onto retro6 day to day. i've had many attempts at using retro9 onwards but the biggest stumbling block, even in v14, is how one defines folders for backup. i want to be able to define individual job folders as backup sources then backup, for example, 40 folders at a time. any suggestions?
  8. thanks robin. i've got the same issue as this thread and they mention a script that can fix the problem. http://forums.retrospect.com/index.php?/topic/28639-client-says-error-during-startup/
  9. anyone point me in the direction of this article? it;s got a script that will hopefully fix a startup error of r6 mac client.
  10. thanks lennart, you're always quick to help. i was sure i'd uninstalled the r6 client but i double checked. i removed any trace of any client installation on the system drive and rebooted. the ran the mac mini r11 app to see if it could see any client software for studio2. it couldn't. so i installed the r11 client software on studio2 and then tried again the see studio2 as a client. this time it saw it and i have added it. but i get exactly the same message when i try to browse. "source unavailable or in use" what i did see this time was that although there was a field where i could enter the password for the client in the r11 console i wasn't given the chance to enter one. might this be it?
  11. took the plunge and bought r11. installed the software on our mac mini which handles all the studio backups. installed the client software on studio2's mac and added the converted r6 catalogs. now when i try to add a source i can see the old (retro6) clients on the network as well as studio2. i click "add" and the studio2 mac is added. now in the sources window i see the 3 drives connected to the mac mini and studio2 as a client. i can drop down the disclosure triangle and see al the drives in the studio2 mac. i click on browse, get the 'accessing source' message for a couple of seconds then the message "source unavailable or in use". so what am i doing wrong?
  12. while we've got r11 on test i run the engine and the application on the same machine. a lot of the time the tape drive (ait2 turbo) isn't powered on. this means that i either have to reboot the mac or stop and start the engine to get the application to see the tape drive once i power it up. in previous versions (9 & 10) this has worked but in 11 stopping and starting the engine causes the (open) application to hang. is the the expected behaviour? obviously it's far from ideal.
  13. thanks tim. you've hit the nail on the head. it looks slick but in day to day use, for me at least, is an endless list of workflow killers. still, onwards and upwards.
  14. thanks lennart. that doesn't work – i found that hitting the "locate" icon and navigating to the folder i can select them. what is weird and imho unworkable is that you have to add them one at a time, you can't shift click to add multiple items. also it appars that when i'm rebuilding a tape i have to select the catalog folder everytime manually. shouldn't this be automatic?
  15. after failing with r9 and 10 (and still soldiering on with r6) i'm giving retrospect another shot with r11. i'm rebuilding our old r6 ait2 tapes and the first few i've done i put the catalogs in a different location. now i've got them going to the correct (default) folder. i moved the first few to this new folder but r11 isn't seeing them. my recollection was that it woud scan them at launch but it doesn't seem to be the case. how do i get them into the media sets list?
  16. 1. find a copy of retro6 2. find a user who has r6 and email them the catalogs. they could tell you what's on the tapes. i might be able to help you with option 2. max at redfacilities dot com
  17. hi jordan pop the 6.1 tape into your drive, click on media sets in the r9 gui, then click on rebuild. you're then prompted for the type of media set then the device which holds the data. now select the folder where your catalogs are stored. r9 will now build the new catalog file. on our ait2 turbo system it manages around 800mb/min.
  18. you simply rebuild the tape within r9 which reates a new catalog. for our ait2 turbo tapes (roughly 90gb each) performance is around 700mb/min.
  19. i agree in principal (our server and backup machines are both dual 2.5 g5s). however i'd far rather every effort was made making the software work as well as r6 did (which it doesn't at the moment) rather than supporting technology that was dropped by apple 6 years ago. if you ever tried to use r8 on ppc (we did) you'd see it ran agonisingly slowly.
  20. hi kristin i'm doing precisely this now. you can't open the logs from 6.1 directly but you can rebuild the log from the (in our case) ait2 turbo tapes. performance is around 700mb/min. *edit* i see that i'm not prompted for the next tape in the r6 backup set. r9 simply sits and waits (although it did eject the tape). r9 sent an email to say 'rebuild incomplete'. *edit 2* second attempt and i was prompted for the next tape.
  21. the email alerts work fine here (using the test function always brought about the sbod requiring me to force quit the app – although the email did actually get sent). i just wish there was more information included in the email.
  22. you have to do a rebuild in order to create a catalog file that r8 can restore from. if you're working in r6.1 you can simply follow russ's instructions.
  23. i don't really follow. r6.1 won't run on snow leopard at all so no backups of any sort can be achieved.
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