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Retrospect for Windows Error 1923


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I am trying to install Retrospect 9 for Windows on a Windows 7 Dell laptop.  My user ID is an administrator account type.  I get the following error:


"Error 1923. Service Retrospect Instant Scan (RetroInstScanService) could not be installed. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to install system services."


Thank you for any help you can provide.


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The Install of Retrospect 9 uninstalled my prior version (8.5).  I had Instant Scan disabled in my prior version.  I restarted my system and verified that Instant Scan was not running using Task Manager.  I got the same install error again. Error 1923.  This time I selected "Ignore" and the installation finished.  I am not sure if Instant Scan installed correctly. The Instant Scan directory has 33 DLL and 2 application files in it.


I disabled Instant Scan because the Users Guide has the following statement on page 640:


"Instant Scan is only used for scheduled script activity, and not any activity manually started by clicking a Run button"


I do my backups by manually starting a Script.


Is it possible to determine if Instant Scan was installed correctly, incase I want to use it later on?


Thank you for your help


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Windows error 1923 occurs due to improper maintenance of windows registry file. But if you follow the given below instructions then you fix this windows error easily.

  •   Just maintain your system properly.
  •  If you receive this error message while running program then restart your system.
  • Uninstall the program which creates this error and again reinstall the latest version of it.
  • Update your antivirus regularly.
If this error has affected seriously the use the third party repair tool to fix windows error 1923. Earlier I was also facing this same problem but now I had fix my PC by using this third party repair tool.


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