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-684 error when the laptop is not a server

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I am migrating to a new server and have updated all of my personal machines to MacOS 10.9.  I have updated to the current retrospect drivers but for some reason when I attempt to add my laptop as a client to the new Retrospect engine, I get the -684 error.  I look at my licenses and I am well within my 20 license limit with one server.  All the same devices are still happily being backed-up by the 10.5 version of Retrospect on the old server.  About a year ago, I had updated the a MacOS server to 10.8 (not the one running Retrospect nor was Retrospect backing it up) and in the process of attempting to install the server monitor on my desktop and laptop, accidentally made them both Mac 10.8 servers, but retrospect was still OK.  Now that I have upgraded to 10.9, server has been disabled on the laptop and the desktop.  Oddly I was able to add the desktop but not the laptop.  For some reason the new copy of Retrospect seems to think it is a server.



How do I prevent Retrospect from thinking my Mac laptop is a server?



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I have now purchased a new MacBook Pro and used migration manager to move files from the MacBook Air above.  Again, on this new device, I get the same message that the license prohibits adding the client and it has assumed the name of the Macbook Air in the Retrospect preferences client though it shows the new IP for the machine and I have changed the device's name in sharing preferences, the local DNS and with hostname.  What can I do?  Do I de-install all traces of retrospect on this MBP?

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I uninstalled Retrospect following the read me directions and used the uninstaller, used spotlight to search for every file (including system files) which had "retro" in the name and deleted them, rebooted, emptied trash, downloaded a fresh client from the website, installed and this computer still has the other computer's name.  Did finally change the name by deleting the other sources in the backup server and added this one.  So now it is named correctly but Retrospect still sees it as a server so I am unable to back it up so that it does not think I am in violation of my license.  What can I do?

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