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Problem installing SQL2005 backwards compability plug-in


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I have a win2008r2 server with an SQL2008 server installed.


I'm struggling with installing the SQL2005 backwards compability plug-in, I get an "installation of the product failed because it is not supported on this operating system".


I'm a bit puzzled because just resently I did the install on another server without any problems.


Anybody seen this error before ?



Kind regards


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On 1/4/2021 at 7:00 PM, Alfrdaf said:

Just an update...I managed to have it working but still the results are in another column instead of displaying it in the GenAve column and also the results look like 76.257000, I want it to be 76.257.

Any idea pls?

Alfrdaf and RonaldRup,

My idea is that both of you—based on your preceding posts in this other thread—are actually commercial spammers from Belarus or Western Russia.   You are occasionally making posts that sound as if they might be related to the topics of the threads you post in, but close reading of those posts reveals they are not related to the topics.  I will continue to report your posts, and will try to get you banned from the Forums. 🙄

P.S.: I had to write a Support Case with Forum Request as the Issue, but I got all posts from Alfrdaf and RonaldRup removed from the Forums.  As a result of the same Support Case, all posts by GeorgeHeesy were also removed ;  his were giant paragraphs that purported to be about male erection problems, but that were so disordered that they sounded to me—with no background in mental health—as if they were written by a schizophrenic (like a couple of people who occasionally post anonymous documents on the street in my NYC neighborhood).

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P.S.: I had to write a Support Case with Forum Request as the Issue, but I got all posts from Alfrdaf and RonaldRup and GeorgeHeesy removed from the Forums.
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