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23 character limit when creating File Backup sets

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When entering the backup set name/filename for a File Backup Set, the name field restricts entry to 23 characters. Not a huge problem, but an annoyance as I enter my abbreviated name in the field, then change the backup set's name in the Finder.




When I double-click the changed set's name in the Backup Sets window, I get the file dialog to locate the renamed file. The name is updated, but it gets truncated in the Backup Sets window. Fortunately, the window can be resized wider. Unfortunately, all this does is increase the space between the clipped name and the date the set was last written to (a problem when all your backup sets have an "A" or "B" suffix).




Also, once the renamed file backup set is opened by Retrospect, when you look at the summary info for the set you can see it's being referred to by some internal short name (i.e.: "Catalog: Backup Drive: Directory Name: A file backup name longer th#3B") After Retrospect locks on this short name, no matter what you change the file name of the backup set to, its name as displayed in the Backup Sets window doesn't change. Throughout all this, the menu option "Backup Sets -> Rename" stays dimmed and inaccessible.




Another naming issue, if the file name contains an em-dash (option-shift-hyphen) it gets converted to "Å\" when Retrospect reads the name back in (but not when it initially creates it). Retrospect 5.1 didn't have this problem.




P.S. The 68 post icons, with dancing bananas and mallets to the head make me feel more like I'm posting to "The Supa Cool American Idol Fanz Page", not the technical support forum for the software that insures my companies' data.

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I agree it's not a Retrospect limit per se. The first versions of Word for OS X would do this. Illustrator 10 did the same. Many early Carbon ports had this problem (and have since been resolved).


The thing is, these are backup sets created on OS X for use on OS X and will never see OS 9 in their lifetimes. (Does server 6.0 even run under 9?) If anything, the filename munging and associated inconveniences should happen if/when I take the files from X to 9, not while I'm using them with X on the off chance that I might someday use them under 9.

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