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"Source not available" on a new client

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I added a new client a few days ago. It shows up in the client database. I can see the volumes under client properties, set a new password, etc., There are no communication, network, or firewall issues that I can see. I can run a manual backup with a few -1101 & -1102 errors from the C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\ folder, but otherwise it backs up. However, when I add it to our existing proactive backup script, it just sits in the proactive list and says source not available for status. I've forgotten the client, removed and reinstalled the client software (including deleting the \ProgramFiles\Retrospect folder and \ProgramData\Retrospect folders), rebooted server and client computers, and changed the password. What is ailing this thing?!


I once read of a similar issue in the old Dantz forums, but I can't find the thread now, and I don't recall if they ever found a resolution either. I'm running 7.7.612 multiserver and 7.7.114 client.

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1,154 views and no suggestions huh? That's not real encouraging... hehe!


I tried creating a separate proactive script for just this client going to a new backup set just for this client. Still says source not available in the proactive tab and never backs up, even though I can run a manual backup. I guess I'm going to try a normal scheduled script and skip the broke proactive backup until someone has a suggestion. I'd hate to call support for something this stupid.

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Hi Aaron,


I normally see this issue being caused by IP/DNS changes.


On my laptop server, which is running the Proactive Backup option, I have a CMD file setup in Scheduled Tasks to run every 5 minutes. In the CMD file, I have this command: IPCONFIG /FLUSHDNS which deletes the backup server's DNS cache and forces it to get the latest DNS information from our DNS servers. To check if this is your problem, open a command window on your 2008 backup server (by clicking start, typing CMD in the search window then right-clicking on it and selecting RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR) and type: NSLOOKUP <clientname>. If your using a 2003 backup server, just open the comand window. Then compare that with whatever the Retrospect software shows for that client. I also fully qualify the DNS names of our clients, when I add them, by including the entire DNS suffix after their host names.


You'll need to make sure that your DHCP servers registering new clients correctly as well. Especially if your laptops are switching between wired and wireless adapters.

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