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  1. I too have started seeing this recently with some customers of mine, for both SQL and Exchange. Any ideas?
  2. 1,154 views and no suggestions huh? That's not real encouraging... hehe! I tried creating a separate proactive script for just this client going to a new backup set just for this client. Still says source not available in the proactive tab and never backs up, even though I can run a manual backup. I guess I'm going to try a normal scheduled script and skip the broke proactive backup until someone has a suggestion. I'd hate to call support for something this stupid.
  3. I added a new client a few days ago. It shows up in the client database. I can see the volumes under client properties, set a new password, etc., There are no communication, network, or firewall issues that I can see. I can run a manual backup with a few -1101 & -1102 errors from the C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\ folder, but otherwise it backs up. However, when I add it to our existing proactive backup script, it just sits in the proactive list and says source not available for status. I've forgotten the client, removed and reinstalled the client software (including deleting the \ProgramFiles\Retrospect folder and \ProgramData\Retrospect folders), rebooted server and client computers, and changed the password. What is ailing this thing?! I once read of a similar issue in the old Dantz forums, but I can't find the thread now, and I don't recall if they ever found a resolution either. I'm running 7.7.612 multiserver and 7.7.114 client.
  4. The notes say "Added support for Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 (requires new Exchange Add-on license)". I'm not sure the price. It would be free if you have an ASM contract. Might want to call sales and inquire.
  5. For the record, I've run into these issues with EVERY install of 7.7.553 I've tried. I've rolled them all back except one server which backs up Exchange 2010 database and mailboxes only. I don't think it had much internal testing to be honest, but I welcome the Exchange 2010 support over nothing. :-)
  6. Be careful if you do a recycle, since that will erase all backups in that set. Be very sure you have what you want to restore to in another set somewhere if you recycle. You can add a second DC to an SBS domain, but there are limitations on what it can do, such as promoting it to a PDC and expecting to reinstall SBS like you could if it was a regular DC. Here's a list: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/200866
  7. I should clarify: stepping back a 7.7 build, not a version (like 7.6). :-)
  8. Might want to try stepping back a version until some bugs are resolved in 7.7.533. I've read the demo on the website is a previous build (it will preserve your config and serial if you just install over the newer version). The client version is OK. I'm living with .533 to get Exchange 2010 support on one server.
  9. Well, that does sound like maybe it's more involved than what I ran into. I also think it was WSUS SP2 that did my customer in, but I was able to repair it without a full Retrospect restore. We also lost our company web until it was resolved, in fact that's how we discovered we had a problem to begin with. I think our resolution was to rerun the SharePoint Products and Technologies Configuration Wizard (Psconfig.exe) and reboot, and it was an immediate fix. Here's an article on it: http://blogs.technet.com/b/sbs/archive/2009/05/06/companyweb-inaccessible-after-sharepoint-3-0-service-pack-2.aspx If that still is no resolution and you must roll back, I'm happy to say I've restored many servers for customers using Retrospect--SBS, SQL, Exchange, you name it. I'm very confident in Retrospect, provided you have a good backup and a solid catalog file. I would create a complete backup as you are right now before restoring to a previous state, so you could return to this point if you had to. Maybe even backup to a completely new backup set (temporarily) just to cover all bases. You should be able to restore just Exchange back to this point after rolling back drive C and the system state, so you don't lose data. I'm not sure what documents you might also have to consider on drive C, depends if you redirected folders and what not I suppose. Just in case you need it, have you downloaded the universal disaster recovery CD and burned it to disc?
  10. Yuck, I was in a similar circumstance a few months ago. Why doesn't Microsoft have system restore in server OS's? :-P You might want to look into the error you are getting first, as I was able to find a solution with a little Googling and didn't need to restore to fix Sharepoint. I had to re-run a command on SBS 2008 to fix what the update had done and I just can't remember what it was now. It was a very simple fix though, hopefully you can find it easily. Recovering Exchange data from .OST files can be very challenging. If you are set on doing a system restore, I'd export every user's Outlook data to .PST files first and not expect .OSTs to save you. In my experience Outlook will make you create a new .OST and get a fresh sync from the server after doing a roll back of that magnitude. You could also do a complete system restore, but then do a separate Exchange restore of newer data if you make a new Exchange backup right now before doing a restore. I'd still make .PSTs as a redundant approach though. Depending where Sharepoint is stored, you might need only a restore of drive C, and maybe can leave E entirely alone, I'm not sure where you chose to put your data. I typically keep Exchange and all user data on a separate drive than the OS though, so I can recover from a failed update or something stupid and not lose user data. I don't think SBS has a wizard to relocate Sharepoint data, but it does for Exchange, redirected documents, etc. Good luck! I'd look for the solution I found for Sharepoint first though, it was a very quick, simple solution and didn't require anything as dramatic as a restore.
  11. That's good to hear BRF, thanks for the update and glad you got a resolution. As a reseller and supporter with a lot invested in Retrospect, I was starting to cringe at where the conversation was going. Ramon, you have a silver tongue, very politely said. I sincerely trust and hope many of these issues are being taken seriously by Roxio and will be resolved in the long run.
  12. Yes, correct. I boot off it, click restore locally, confirm the date/time, click the restore button on the first menu, and then click switch to advanced mode on the next dialog box. From there I choose restore an entire volume and choose my source and destination manually. I think this might avoid what you are seeing with the wizard (which I don't typically use).
  13. Very interesting, since you are the second person to ask a similar question this week. I'm using the universal recovery CD and I don't see that option or message, so I'm unsure. I'd call tech support for a faster answer. Sure doesn't sound like a warning you'd want to ignore.
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