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Is Retrospect 8 Now Eol?


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Now that Retrospect 9 is out, is version 8 End Of Lifed?


In the Retrospect 9.0 Read me it states

"Over 250 bug fixes, including improvements to the media request process, a config file backup process that provides better protection against corruption, and the elimination of certain spurious errors"


These are 250 bugs from the Retro 8 version, isolated and corrected in version 9. That is good, but will these bugs be fixed in an 8.3 version? Or are any further updates of 8 cancelled?

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Shame, shame, shame! This is purely barefaced. I paid for a RS 8 that is buggy, buggy and again buggy. It's a neverending polonaise to get RS to do something. It's dead slow on a Mac Pro, and so on. I'd expected an excuse for V8 with 9. Let's see if RS is going to die with this ignorant practice. Oh, what times with 4 to 6 …

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Doesn't the ASM you paid for entitle you to a free update to the new, better version? Why the sarcasm?


Because I paid for it after 8.2 came out, and it has since expired without receiving a single bugfix. The "support" consisted of a number of reports filed, and then confirmation that "yep, it's broken" if a response came at all. What did my money buy? That's why there is sarcasm. I would have received exactly the same level of service without paying that fee.

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