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How can I wake sleeping computer?

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I'd like to back up all my user directories (multi-user machine) at 4:00 AM. I have a script written and scheduled to do this.


The problem is, my energy settings put the machine to sleep, and Retrospect does not seem to be able to wake it. It's not on a network, so I cannot have another machine wake it up for me.


I thought I would try this trick -- setting the machine to start up at 4:00 AM. I figured it would wake up and that would get Retrospect going. But it looks like what happened is that, since the machine was only sleeping and not shut down, it woke up and went right back to sleep (from the system log, it looks like Retrospect actually did start, but was suspended when the machine went back to sleep).


Any suggestions? It seems crazy that there could be no easy way to do this. Would shutting the machine down every night and letting it restart at 4 AM work (that's not what I prefer to do, but I will if necessary). I don't want to turn off the energy preferences for other reasons.

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