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  1. I am thinking of buying a new 16X double layer DVD writer with LightScribe from LaCie -- it does not ship till mid March. It's not on Dantz's list of tested drives yet. Does anyone know if LaCie drives generally do OK with Retrospect? There is an 8X version of the drive listed.
  2. I want to make some backups of iMovie projects, but they are extremely large -- over 20 GB each. Each will require at least 5 DVDs and several hours to back up. My question: can I do a partial backup, click "pause", and leave Retrospect to return later? Or is there some other way that I can divide up this task? I realize that I can't make anyedits to any of the movies in the middle of backing up.
  3. Today I started a new backup set to DVD. I picked the "Documents Folder and Hot Items" selector and created a script to run that backup. Now I am thinking that I might want to change the selectors for that script. I'd like to exclude items with the "cool" (blue) label, and include my iPhoto library in the same backup set. My question: Can I just change the selectors for the script that I created and continue to back up into the same backup set, or do I have to start over with a new backup set? Another question just occurred to me: Could I create a SECOND script to backup just my iPhoto library, and use both scripts to back up into the same backup set (I might want to back up the documents folders every day, but only do the iPhoto library after I have imported new photos or done some editing of photos in the library).
  4. You make a good point, Dave. I believe that this .plist thing must be undocumented, based on reading the thread at Mac OSX Hints (I have not checked that out -- I am just glad to know about it!), and relying on an undocumented feature is not a good thing. Until this thread was started, I was unaware that Retrospect did NOT implement this itself, since I had already done so -- thus I was unaware of its absence. What I was mostly reacting to is that there seems to be no acknowledgement of this issue in any of the documentation, thus the original poster's question came as a surprise to me. When OS 10.3 came out, Dantz made it clear that unattended backups would no longer work if no one was logged in. But I cannot find any reference to that in the version 6 manual -- I looked up "unattended operation" and do not find it, and there is even a section in the troubleshooting section of the manual (page 201 -- "Retrospect does not see the backup device"), and there is no mention of this problem. I also did not find anything in the read me file. Maybe it's there somewhere, but I can't find it. As to the LAN issue -- I am afraid I can't help you there!
  5. Here is a link to the solution you need: http://www.macosxhints.com/article.php?story=20031103155828117&query=local+drives+not+mounting I have implemented this on my machine and it works fine. What concerns me is that Retrospect does not take care of this itself. Also that Retrospect still has no ability to wake a machine from sleep to perform a backup. Other software makers seem to be able to overcome these problems. It makes me wonder whether I want to pay for the 6.0 upgrade. And I say that not to add to the nastiness of some of the commentary here, but out of genuine concern as to whether this company is really in touch with what is going on.
  6. If I have a backup set created by Retrospect for mac (version 6.0), Can a file or files on it be recovered to a Windows machine running Retrospect for Windows?
  7. I'd like to back up all my user directories (multi-user machine) at 4:00 AM. I have a script written and scheduled to do this. The problem is, my energy settings put the machine to sleep, and Retrospect does not seem to be able to wake it. It's not on a network, so I cannot have another machine wake it up for me. I thought I would try this trick -- setting the machine to start up at 4:00 AM. I figured it would wake up and that would get Retrospect going. But it looks like what happened is that, since the machine was only sleeping and not shut down, it woke up and went right back to sleep (from the system log, it looks like Retrospect actually did start, but was suspended when the machine went back to sleep). Any suggestions? It seems crazy that there could be no easy way to do this. Would shutting the machine down every night and letting it restart at 4 AM work (that's not what I prefer to do, but I will if necessary). I don't want to turn off the energy preferences for other reasons.
  8. The selector was not it, but I noticed your reference to subvolumes. I tried "forgetting" the subvolume I was backing up (the /Users directory) and then redefining it -- now everything works fine. Thanks! I never would have thought of that.
  9. I am using both subvolumes and selectors (the specific selector is all but cache files; the subvolume I am backing up is my entire /Users directory). But the point is that this is an automated script that I have been using for months -- I have been through three "new media" backups with it, with never a hitch until now. I always used it by just clicking on a run document I have in my dock, except when I want to do the new media backup, when I run it from the "Run" menu in Retrospect.
  10. I upgraded to Panther over the weekend. Ever since, Retrospect "insists" that I have no files to back up. I know that there are lots -- my son is home from college for Thanksgiving and loaded almost a GB of music files onto the machine. Whenever I try to run my "Backup User Directories" script, I get what looks like the box saying that the scan is being done -- it flashes up very quickly, then seems to jump to another location on the screen, then closes. I then get a box saying that no files needed to be backed up. This is a file backup into a backup set on an external Firewire drive (not Firewire 800 -- it's a LaCie d2 80 GB). It was working fine for weeks, until the upgrade. I tried running the script manually (from the "Run" menu in Retrospect, rather than from the run document I usually use) with the same result. Then I tried doing a new media backup -- same result. Then I tried just doing an immediate backup to the existing backup set -- same result again. Finally I tried double-clicking on the catalog file, and found that it says there is only one snapshot in the file -- that doesn't sound right since I have been backing up into this backup set for some weeks. I have a 17" iMac running OS X 10.3.1. I haven't tried just starting over, and hope I don't have to!
  11. If I read the manual correctly, I should be able to duplicate my internal hard drive to my external firewire drive, and make the external drive bootable. Could someone answer some questions for me? First, is this somehow better than doing a full backup, and using that to restore the internal drive in the event of a disaster? Second, I have a number of file backups as well as folders with other information in the external drive. I don't want to destroy that data. It looks like if I select the "Replace corresponding files" option, that data will be left alone (since even if the file name is the same, the path is different). Am I right about this? Anything else I shold know about?
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