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Backing Up Windows 7 Clients

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Does anyone else back up Windows 7 clients with Mac Server 6.1? Are you able to verify the backup?


On our systems I have consistent issues where I cannot compare a backup made of Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 using Client 7.6.106 and 7.6.107. The server is Mac OS X 10.4.11 (client) with Retrospect Server 6.1.230 RDU I have this issue whether backing up to SCSI/tape, external disk backup or file backup to local HD (as a test). It happens across all 3 of my test Windows 7 systems (one server 2008 client, two W7 SP1 clients).


The backup server/client stops working during the compare phase. It is never consistent which file it stops on. It either spins the beach ball on the server, or drops the server into the Net Retry window, from which it never recovers. Either is just as likely to happen. If I shut the client off, the server eventually recovers and moves on to complete the backup.


I'm open to any suggestions. Does 8.2 have this issue?




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