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Trial Version Yes Or No?


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I haven't found any good reveiws on using the trial version. I had a total system crash, so I am trying to restore all my stuff (I had it backed it up with retro express on an Iomega--win XP) I was able to restore some stuff but I am getting error messages on the other things. Things that I really need.


I have read that the trial will wipe out the version I have now and if I don't buy the upgrade, I am screwed! Does anybody know anything about this? Doesn't sound like it would be true, but I don't want to risk losing all my data. Any reviews, fixes or how to's would be greatly appreciated!!!!!



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If in any case you could just try to uninstall the software (trial version). I haven't encountered any problem installing the trial version but as you have said you just came from your system having a crash. The trial version will definitely overwrite the Retrospect Express if this is what you are using in your computer. I suggest you have a look again if you want to upgrade and try the trial version.

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If you have Retrospect Express HD, then a 7.7 Trial will not impact your older software. If you are running Retrospect Express, that will be overwritten by 7.7 trial.


You can always uninstall and then install the express software when done.


So, is it possible to run both Express HD and Professional on the same computer, or will installing Professional overwrite Express HD?


Thank you!


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