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  1. I am having a similar problem. Mine goes to the open screen, shows 64 back ups....should be showing over 200. I click restore and it goes to the next screen, but doesn't show a single back up. Then it locks up and won't do anything. I open the drive where the back ups are stored, click one of those files and HD opens but when I hit restore it freezes again. A years worth of back ups and I can't get to them. Have you had any luck with tech support? I haven't because one company sold out to another and no one cares to deal with or stand behind this product. Makes me wish I had just used Carbonite
  2. Using retro hd 2. with windows XP. What does the dantz file do? I just noticed that mine is empty. 0 bytes
  3. I haven't found any good reveiws on using the trial version. I had a total system crash, so I am trying to restore all my stuff (I had it backed it up with retro express on an Iomega--win XP) I was able to restore some stuff but I am getting error messages on the other things. Things that I really need. I have read that the trial will wipe out the version I have now and if I don't buy the upgrade, I am screwed! Does anybody know anything about this? Doesn't sound like it would be true, but I don't want to risk losing all my data. Any reviews, fixes or how to's would be greatly appreciated!!!!! Thanks Wynn
  4. Can someone please let me know, if you know. Thanks T
  5. Hi, I open a restore point on my iomega and pick the files I want to restore to my C drive. It goes through all of the motions ---i.e. shows the bar and the files as they are being restored. When it is finished I open the restore file and there is nothing showing. I click properties on the folder and it says there are like 8.8 MB in the folder, but when I click..nothing. It is empty. What can I do?? I'm using h.d 2.5
  6. Does anybody know? I really would like to try this, but I don't want to jam myself up. I THANKS!! W
  7. I am running Express HD 2. If I download the Trial 7.7 and decide that I don't like it will the back ups I make while trying it out still run with my HD 2 ??
  8. I will try that. Thanks!!!!! hhmmmm..... if I install the trial and decide that I don't want it will it mess up what I have now?? Thanks, Timm
  9. Hi! Can anyone help me with this?? I had a total system crash and lost everything. Thank God I had this back up drive. Anyway, I am trying to restore the address book and mailboxes from my email program (Eudora) The files are on my backup drive ..but this is what I get every time I try to restore them. --- Executing DirectRestore at 6/22/2011 9:27 PM To volume Restore 8 on system (C:)... -6/22/2011 9:27:35 PM: Restoring from RestorePoint, Snapshot Local Disk (C:), 5/31/2011 3:00:00 AM File "C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Application Data\Qualcomm\Eudora\Embedded\redlog2.cgiurl=1&ploc=NOSCRIPT&isrc=NOSCRIPT&esrc=NOSCRIPT&step=1&vsid=-1&memb=0&nvis=1&actf=0&fvis=0&stat=UNKNWN&serv=UNKNWN&vage=0": can't write, error -1128 (path too long) File "C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Application Data\Qualcomm\Eudora\Embedded\redlog2.cgiurl=1&ploc=NOSCRIPT&isrc=NOSCRIPT&esrc=NOSCRIPT&step=1&vsid=-1&memb=0&nvis=1&actf=0&fvis=0&stat=UNKNWN&serv=UNKNWN&vage=01": can't write, error -1128 (path too long) File "C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Application Data\Qualcomm\Eudora\Embedded\redlog2.cgiurl=1&ploc=NOSCRIPT&isrc=NOSCRIPT&esrc=NOSCRIPT&step=1&vsid=-1&memb=0&nvis=1&actf=0&fvis=0&stat=UNKNWN&serv=UNKNWN&vage=02": can't write, error -1128 (path too long) 6/22/2011 9:28:03 PM: Execution completed successfully Completed: 796 files, 179.9 MB Performance: 539.4 MB/minute Duration: 00:00:27 (00:00:06 idle/loading/preparing) I tried restoring the entire program and I tried just restoring the address book. I also tried it from several different restore points. Anybody know how to fix this??? Thanks!!! Timm
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