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How do I skip an unavailable client?


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Is there a way to have Retrospect skip unavailable clients?


In immediate backups, no. In scripted backups, yes, it happens automatically.



Will it skip them in scripted backups?





I do not want to have to do that every time



Are you aware that Immediate Backup supply, as the source, what you last used? Not sure if this is the issue, here. But, if you think about it, Immediate Backups are not automated; they are a command that you are instructing Retrospect to do RIGHT NOW. It's an error if Retrospect is not able to back up the source(s) that you have instructed it to back up, and it rightfully lets you know that it can't do what you expect.


I must be missing something here with what you are trying to do. Immediate Backups aren't for your daily automated backups. Just choose the desired source(s) when you do an immediate backup.


It also might make it easier for you in scripts if you use source groups rather than selecting individual clients. (Configure > Clients, choose "New Folder" from the Clients menu, drag clients to folders - lets you group by, e.g., Mac OS X Clients, Windows Clients, etc.). Just a suggestion.



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I am a new Mac (MacBook Pro 17 - OS X - version 10.4.10) user, and just bought/installed Retrospect version 6.0.204 - I also purchased a LaCie d2 quadra 320GB external hardrive w/ FireWire 800 to back up to.


When I plug in the external hard drive it shows up on my Mac desktop as an icon, but when I launch Retrospect it can't find the external hard drive to back up to. It tells me "removable media such as zip, etc. must be mounted on the desktop" it then tells me that "currenly visable devices" are "Matshita DVD-R" (which is the disk drive built into my Mac).


I need help in getting all of this to actually work and backup my hard drive. Please HELP!!



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