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  1. Oh yeah, no comparison. Orders of magnitude faster.
  2. pwilk

    Member Lost

    You should start a new member. Don't try to reuse a member that has issues. Do the repair on the old one after you start the new member, and then do a verify. Please post follow up if something works.
  3. Thanks, that answers my question. Much appreciated. If curious, the reason why is, for a portable deployment: it is handy to do an initial backup to a firewire drive and all subsequent backups go to a network device. I was thinking after a large data-acquisition on the portable system, it would be best to plug it back into the firewire device instead of squirting it all through the network. I can just start new members. Not ideal, but functional. I like that Retrospect allows members (of the same set) across differing media.
  4. That certainly is the way it should work, thanks! Have you actually tested or verified this to see if it does work this way? I would hate to hang my hat on it till the community is comfortable with it.
  5. No, I did not mean two separate sets. See initial post.
  6. Can I backup to two members of a media set depending on which is available? For instance, if the big backup drive is plugged in, it will send the backup there; but if it is not, then it will go to the cloud.
  7. In the "Members" tab under "Media Sets", there is a checkbox for "Lost". What *exactly* does this do? Does it then go back and re-backup all the files that are in this backup member?
  8. pwilk

    How to Test Rules?

    Does this work now?
  9. pwilk

    Retrospect 8 Users Guide

    http://www.retrospect.com/en/supportupdates/documentation/ There seems to be a user's guide. Took me a while to find it.
  10. pwilk

    backup to USB stick or iDisk

    Thanks for the reply! That is not really a solution to the problem of Retrospect failing to back up via WebDav. This would require me to have a *huge* local file just to duplicate it elsewhere by a program that can do webdav. I could also backup to a local file and use the Apple Backup App (or rsync). Thanks for the response though, I hope it works for some people.
  11. pwilk

    backup to USB stick or iDisk

    I am not the only one. See this apple thread: http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?threadID=2219490 Does anybody have any ideas?
  12. pwilk

    backup to USB stick or iDisk

    Could you please try with a Gb or two? It works for me too, but only with less than 629.2 Mb. More than that and it hangs almost always (>90%). I also get "MapError: unknown Mac error -1401" errors in my log. - Philip
  13. pwilk

    backup to USB stick or iDisk

    Take us through the steps you took to create your Disk Media Set and the steps you took to add the Member on the iDisk. Add media set, type disk I put the catalog in my documents folder locally I add a member by selecting share, put in the URL to my idisk and my login info. I selected 12 of 20 Gb, so it does not fill it up. I am using AES-256 encryption. It seems to do small backups OK, but barfs on the the ones larger than 629.2 MB.
  14. pwilk

    backup to USB stick or iDisk

    But before you get to that point you make the decision as to what Media Set TYPE you want to use. What TYPE of Media Set are you attempting to create? If you're trying to use a Disk Media Set, then Robin's advice about keeping the catalog on the local volume is sound. If you are using a File Media Set then the Catalog location becomes the data location also. When you click Choose you are presented with all locally attached volumes on the machine running the Retrospect Engine (no matter where the Retrospect console application is running). If a USB disk connected to the machine running the Retrospect Engine shows up on the Desktop, it should show up in the "Select a location for the Catalog" drop-down sheet. I just tried with an HFS+ formatted USB stick and it shows up; how is yours formatted? An iDisk is not locally attached, it is a WebDAV shared volume, so you have to use the "Add Share..." button. Enter: http://idisk.me.com/yourusername/ with your login and password, and that should mount the iDisk volume for Retrospect to use, either as a Member of a Disk Media Set or as a location for a File Media Set. I have no idea if Retrospect will play nice with an iDisk or with a WebDAV volume in general, but it's worth a try. Dave I can not get iDisk to work with a Disk Media Backup (local catalog). It just spins away, does not progress beyond 600Mb, and I get this in my log: + Normal backup using iDisk at 10/19/2009 6:51 AM MapError: unknown Mac error -1401 MapError: unknown Mac error -1401 MapError: unknown Mac error -1401 MapError: unknown Mac error -1401 To Media Set iDisk Bob 2009... - 10/19/2009 6:51:24 AM: Copying Documents MapError: unknown Mac error -1401 MapError: unknown Mac error -1401 MapError: unknown Mac error -1401 MapError: unknown Mac error -1401 Version 8.1 (build 622)
  15. Actually, it is listed and is qualified; but I can not get it to work properly. Device, Interface, Media, Windows, Mac OS HLDS GSA-S10 (Apple version), ATAPI, DVD DL, Not Supported, Qualified