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Cannot Connect To Server

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Hi, I have been trying to have the console connect to the computer (the server) and it is not connecting. I have put addresses which are correct, but nothing. I read an old post back from EMC that a config file (bak 80) should be removed in order to reconnect. I have logged out, restarted and it works 50% of the time but it is very inconsistent.


Any ideas?

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Hi, I uninstalled and reinstalled Retro 8. I removed all prefs/app support retro files before uninstalling.


The problem I now have is that now I connect, but I cannot add a media set or cannot connect to a source (in this case a desktop where the engine and console are also located).

I checked library/application support/retrospect and I did not have a catalogs or a config file. I then created a catalogs file. When I tried to add a media set using library/applicationsupport/retrospect/catalogs I received an error -2262 which said that Media Set A already exists. I have searched on spotlight and cannot find a media set A.

I then tried again and now I have a blank where it says catalog location. I then did Choose and add share. I put the correct address for the hard drive, but it does not accept it.


I also note that I don't have a config80 file.


Thanks in advance.

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Guest Steve Maser

If you don't have a "config80" file -- how are you using Retrospect?



Config80.dat stores the serial number, scripts, media set info, sources, etc.


If you don't have that file, then when you first launch Retrospect, it should be prompting you to enter a serial number...

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