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Assertion failure at "module.cpp-460" Retrospect Multi server


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I upgraded to Retrospect and started getting this message at least once a week. Retrospect crashes and displays an assert dialog which stops my other scheduled backups for being executed. Does anybody know how to eliminate this error or where to download a previos version (Version 7.. I can't find it)



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>What version of Retrospect are you using? of the Retrospect software itself is not the actual >version.

Help:About Retrospect: Multi Server Version 7.5.285

Help:About Retrospect: Driver Update and Hot Fix: version

>What is Retrospect doing when the error happens?

I'm assuming is doing backups from clients. I'm not at the screen when it happens. I've tried to see if a specific client is making it crash but so far I've tried every single client no luck.

>What operating system is this?

Windows Server 2003 SP1

>What is your backup device?

Backup Device: PowerDell 2650 2.0 GHz, 2.00 RAM

Backup Set: Disk

Backup Media: Hard drives (500 GB RAID 5)


I have not seeing this problem since version 6 until now. All I did was to install version 7.5.


Thanks in advance for whatever help you can provide.

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