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Using old backup sets on a new machine/new copy of same OS


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I am hoping someone familiar with using Retrospect 7.5 backup software with Windows XP Home, SP 2 can advise.


My aged Dell XPS T500 failed [possibly the motherboard]. I have purchased a Dell 8400 as a replacement, not yet received.


The boot drive on the T500 was backed up using Retrospect 7.5, to an internal storage drive.


The disaster recovery info for Retrospect indicates that the Windows XP license key is needed when recovering data using the backup sets.


Here's my question: Can a *different* Windows XP license key be used?


My new machine is coming with a preinstalled copy of with Windows XP Home. I am hoping to simply install my old storage drive and restore my setting and files from the old machine on the new machine, but am unclear as to whether this can be done with a different copy of XP.



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Hi David,


If you are going to be restoring to a whole new computer, I hope you do not intend to perform a full system restore. While Retrospect will be able to restore all your data as it was backed up, Windows is generally unable to function properly when it is relocated to a new set of hardware.


You say you're only looking to restore files and settings, which does not sound like a full system restore, in which case you wouldn't need to use your DR cd at all.


To be honest I'm not positive whether you can use a different key or not. I personally would use the key for the OS in the backup.

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Thanks for your reply.


As is stands now the new machine is all set up with the new OS and I'm only looking to recover some data [not settings].


My backup set A is groomed: It only has the most recent backup [about 15 files totaling 48 Gb].


I've tried repeatedly to get Retrospect to recognize these files but keep getting nowhere--it always says there are no files contained in the backup folder: f I open the Backup A folder it shows up as blank in Retrospect.


They are on a storage drive and when I open the folder outside of Retrospect they are definitely there [and Windows does account for their existence in terms of hard drive space used]. I'm baffled.


If someone could steer me in then right direction I'd appreciate it.

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hi dg,


have you tried rebuilding the catalog? do it like this: 'Tools->Repair Catalog', then choose 'Rebuild from Disks' and point Retrospect to the root of the external drive and hit 'Ok'. Retrspect should be able to pick up on any Backup Sets that exist on the HD and then rebuild the catalog. when you are prompted to save the catalog file, save it to the internal disk.

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Well, it worked. I rebuilt the catalog file and moved it to the same folder where the backup set resides on a storage drive.


Can I pick and choose which data I want to keep?


[i'm very fearful of screwing up my current config and believe I saw some program-related files in amongst the 6000 or so files being restored.]



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