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7.5 - Recycle leaves 7.0 Sessions in place - D2D

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Well, I finally figured this out after a couple months of frustration with my disk to disk backups. I kept getting an error every week or so:


Grooming Backup Set DAILY_PFS failed, error -2260 (can't groom disk Backup Sets created with Retrospect 7.0 or earlier)

You must recreate the Backup Set's Catalog File.

See the Retrospect User's Guide or online help for details on recreating Catalog Files.


And stupidly, I thought, ah, I don't need that backup, so I will do a RECYCLE backup and then all will be well. But, it turns out that 7.5 recycle will blitz snapshots BUT NOT disk sucking SESSIONS. DOH! So, it won't free up disk space. Yes, I should have looked at the disk with Explorer (or Turbo Navigator or whatever) sooner. I deleted the sessions manually and now it seems to work.


I just thought I would post this in case some other ill informed person thinks that RECYCLE actually RECYCLES.



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Hi Matt,


When you recycle a backup set the backup is reset, snapshots and sessions are cleared, and the space used on disk is released.


If Retrospect failed to recycle properly, it is probably due to the same reason it is failing to groom correctly. You need to rebuild the catalog.

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